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Masked hero deck!!Masked hero deck!!Jaden_Yuki--24-12-20116
[OCG] Trishula Masked Heroes[OCG] Trishula Masked HeroesSkitoritto22-07-20143
My undefeated HERO deck(please Rate)My undefeated HERO deck(please Rate)Epiphone22-03-201216
Masked Hero Discussion ThreadMasked Hero Discussion ThreadRoach01-01-201565
[Working Deck] Shadow Mist Masked Heroes[Working Deck] Shadow Mist Masked HeroesSkitoritto19-05-20146
Masked Heroes hybridMasked Heroes hybridZombozo04-06-20154
Let's talk about Masked heroes o:Let's talk about Masked heroes o:Jaden_Yuki--20-04-20152
Masked HeroMasked HeroTorunka02-09-201414
Elemental Hero/Masked Hero DeckElemental Hero/Masked Hero Deckheromouse03-08-20126
masked/vision/elemental hero deckmasked/vision/elemental hero deckeheroruler02-10-20110
E-Hero ComboE-Hero ComboSalader03-08-20123
Masked Hero Vapor hit by Bottomless Trap HoleMasked Hero Vapor hit by Bottomless Trap HoleGreatguy28-03-20119
[SCD New] Masked Hero Anki[SCD New] Masked Hero AnkiJv20-12-201413
[News] Masked HERO Kamikaze[News] Masked HERO KamikazeGalaksii14-06-20149
[News] Masked HERO Koga[News] Masked HERO KogaGalaksii14-06-20142
"Pure" Inzektor Deck"Pure" Inzektor DeckMiodragunov18-01-20128
Elemental Hero DeckElemental Hero DeckZant15-11-201111
Heroes or Necloths?Heroes or Necloths?Zeno18-10-201411
Evil Hero DeckEvil Hero DeckRyan_N1307-08-20102
Elemental Hero Deck~Elemental Hero Deck~Rhonder16-03-201228
[ASIA News] New HERO Playmat[ASIA News] New HERO PlaymatJv07-02-20156
Who is that Masked HERO?!Who is that Masked HERO?!gunsmaker27-01-20151
Elemental Hero/Neo-Spacian DeckElemental Hero/Neo-Spacian Deckjed515006-03-20115
Elemental Hero DeckElemental Hero DeckProxick17-01-20138
Making best hero deck (post your deck here)Making best hero deck (post your deck here)Mahdi_MM20-06-20122
need help which destiny hero deck i should use need help which destiny hero deck i should use yuki fudo01-07-20123
Lookin for a good E hero deck recipe/listLookin for a good E hero deck recipe/listikiba01-09-201214
E-Hero Deck E-Hero Deck Rokunowa11-09-20126
Just your average hero deck build. the deck i use for everything :DJust your average hero deck build. the deck i use for everything :DBlood and Dirt03-02-20135
Elemental hero Fusion DeckElemental hero Fusion DeckXxPsychoxX03-08-20126
My Evil hero deckMy Evil hero deckJudai-Yuki29-08-20123
Aster Phoenix - E-Hero DeckAster Phoenix - E-Hero DeckAster Phoenix [D]02-01-20103
my elementel hero deckmy elementel hero deckspeedrunner12345613-07-20127
e hero decke hero deckdavid1501-05-20127
Guide to Elemental HeroesGuide to Elemental HeroesHaseoHamasaki10-12-20081
Evil Hero deck Evil Hero deck ikiba17-09-20126
Darkside's HERO Shaddoll DeckDarkside's HERO Shaddoll DeckCallMehDarkside10-03-20155
(Elemental Heroes) Deck(Elemental Heroes) DeckGuest09-12-200813
evil hero deckevil hero deckJim Crocodile Cook17-12-20086
My HERO deck. My HERO deck. Judaiyukikun06-07-20121
Destiny Hero DeckDestiny Hero DeckAvengedShadow1328-01-201311
Mask Change – The Second OneMask Change – The Second Onegunsmaker30-01-20155
Neo-Spacian DeckNeo-Spacian DeckSilver01-07-20121
My Yugioh Real life Elemental Hero Deck ProfileMy Yugioh Real life Elemental Hero Deck Profileyugideckfan23-07-20140
My E-hero deckMy E-hero deckXeynid31-08-20110
my evil hero/synchro deckmy evil hero/synchro deckrex goodwin01-04-20118
Aqua Hero BeatAqua Hero BeatYami Marik13-06-20126
Elemental HERO DeckElemental HERO DeckD0pie20-07-20147
Elemental Hero/Dragon DeckElemental Hero/Dragon DeckR4PIDA55AULT21-10-20111
Call of the haunted questionCall of the haunted questionHedgeee199716-02-20153
I'm too indecisive, so here I amI'm too indecisive, so here I amFluff Fluff18-11-20136
My Evil hero deckMy Evil hero deckJudai-Yuki06-08-20121
HERO Deck (Real-Life)HERO Deck (Real-Life)PabelFTW28-12-201212
Destiny Hero Plasma Lockdown DeckDestiny Hero Plasma Lockdown DeckKuzKan12-09-20103
Evil Hero Dark Gaia otk deckEvil Hero Dark Gaia otk deckNear07-05-20105
Elemental HERO Shadow MistElemental HERO Shadow MistFenixFX17-04-20148
Elemental Hero Neos DeckElemental Hero Neos DeckFire Dualist24-12-20082
D-Hero DeckD-Hero DeckBenazz12-03-20096
My E - Hero deckMy E - Hero deckalxndr30-11-201213
Destiny HeroDestiny HeroDarkDragon3428-06-20125
E - HERO Synro-FusionE - HERO Synro-FusionDknightz04-02-201013
Hero Synchron Beat-down !Hero Synchron Beat-down !Moody11-06-20116
My Volcanic DeckMy Volcanic DeckAmphi13-02-201113
Hero Zero DeckHero Zero DeckAmaterasu08-11-20137
Noble Hero OTk!Noble Hero OTk!Yami Marik02-08-20127
Hero Neo Control DeckHero Neo Control Deck2deathy02-12-20100
Elemental Hero DeckElemental Hero DeckVexian Harpie07-10-20116
Omg I'm so Loving this card!Omg I'm so Loving this card!Yami Marik22-07-20121
1st E - Hero Deck - Need help :-)1st E - Hero Deck - Need help :-)roseddesor26-07-20102
elemental heroelemental herolamberts717-07-201210
Noble HeroNoble HeroYami Marik31-07-20129
skill drain heroesskill drain heroesBlood and Dirt02-07-201314
A Dragons Deck! What am I missing?A Dragons Deck! What am I missing?roseddesor24-06-20102
Evil HERO Gaia OTKEvil HERO Gaia OTKGalaksii23-07-20141
Volcanic deck fixesVolcanic deck fixesSalader05-08-20142
Evil hero Deck please R/F DN DeckEvil hero Deck please R/F DN DeckOkonkwo06-08-20120
Evil Hero Dark Gaia OTKEvil Hero Dark Gaia OTKKama13-02-20100
D-Hero skill Drain BeatD-Hero skill Drain BeatYami Marik23-07-20126
KONAMI's Infernoid DeckKONAMI's Infernoid DeckSkitoritto17-11-20145
[Discussion] Elemental HERO Shadow Mist[Discussion] Elemental HERO Shadow MistNaito Raizu30-04-201431
Card Review (Absolute Zero)Card Review (Absolute Zero)SuperNBZ20-07-201011
Demise Gaia OTKDemise Gaia OTK~Happyloo~16-09-201056
Help with a HERO deck?Help with a HERO deck?ikiba04-02-20153
D-Hero DeckD-Hero DeckLegendaryFrost30-09-20126
My E-Hero deckMy E-Hero deckJudai-Yuki06-08-20125
My E-Hero DeckMy E-Hero DeckPlatni6527-10-20097
Gate heroes V2Gate heroes V2Abominable07-01-20128
My Destiny Hero deckMy Destiny Hero deckPokeAngel12310-05-20127
Classic hero deck.Classic hero deck.Blood and Dirt05-02-20133
Elemental Hero Deck help?Elemental Hero Deck help?Patrick Ibbotson04-10-20165
Destiny Hero Deck helpDestiny Hero Deck helpOwydelu28-01-20135
Elemental Hero DeckElemental Hero DeckKai_Hibiki03-03-20121
Box Of Friends Box Of Friends Scapegoatuser29-07-20139
My Destiny Hero DeckMy Destiny Hero DeckDarkParadigm02-07-20133
Elemental Heroes Deck Elemental Heroes Deck Stitch25819-01-201412
My HERO deck (just bare with me, It's decent)My HERO deck (just bare with me, It's decent)Pabel17-06-20140
does my elemental hero deck is good?does my elemental hero deck is good?Guest24-11-201220
Real-Life E-Hero Deck v2Real-Life E-Hero Deck v2PabelFTW26-02-20120
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"Masked Hero Deck"
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