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Bobby D' Motors in East Bridgewater
Has anyone done business with Bobby D' Motors in East Bridgewater? It looks reputable; I figured I'd look for some firsthand experience anyway.
Large lot of cox motors for sale also new/in/package parts included
I picked these up in an estate sale, I know regular airplane motors like O.S and Saito, but I know nothing about these little ones, They came with all the stuff I bought and I thought it would be easier to sell here then trying to piece it out on
(FOR SALE) - Rebuilt Cox motors
I have been rebuilding some small bore nitro engines to kill some time when I want to get away from my schoolwork. So as a result, I have some cleaned/rebuilt engines that I won’t use, and want to get some money back. All prices are in USD RUNNIN
Astro Cobalt motors
Does anyone know anything about the power requirements for this motor? I'm building an Electra and was going to toss the stock motor.
Brushless motors - running in water
I need some thruster motors (not main drive) and I've been looking at brushless motors because they seem to be a better bet than brushed motors (simpler,open construction, good bearings etc.) I had some small outrunner motors from a doomed aircraft
Motors and Gearboxes from MFA Como
I'm not sure that this is mentioned elsewhere but MFA provide a very useful range of well specified motors and gearboxes.
1/24 lamborghini murcielago conversion to murcielago sv lp 670-4
This is my third project. It was realised after I experienced a sensational drive in UK last August. Kits: murcielago by fujimi and murcielago lp 670-4 by mondo motors. Colour code: arancio atlas by kapci coatings Custom made decals Clear coating: 2
N2A motors "789"
still undecided whether i like this thing or not. its on a c6 chassis. with the front like a 57 chevy, the sides like a 58, and the rear like a 59. thats where the "789" comes from.
Aria STG Series
Hi Fellas Can someone on here tell me anything about this guitar? It is a Aria STG in candy red. Well, hope it is ok as I have bought it along with a Marshall amp - Ritter gig bag with tags attached & lead. All for the princely sum of £51.99. Now
Westone Spectrum Series II
I scored this guitar for under £60 a few weeks ago, a bit of a nostalgia trip (refer to 'introductions' thread) but i am highly impressed. The guitar needed work; two of the mini switches broken bridge pup cover loose fretboard covered in 20 years o
Westone Bass Spectrum Series II - Electronics upgrade?
Hello Westone Owners! I own a westone spectrum ii since uhmmm 1991. Here a couple of pictures: I have a problem: I can't find a reason to get rid of it! Really: Solid mechanics, barely looses
Bose 301 series II (Used) SOLD 1 pair of vintage Bose 301 seriesII direct reflecting speaker for sale. made in USA. 8 Ohm, 8"woofer + 2x 2.5"tweeters Condition 7/10 due to age ((made around 1978) 32+- years
High Plains McCloskey Motors 100
same shit as always
I am a new user of your forum and would like thank those involved as you are working for free so I hope you get enough pleasure from it. I an new to working on Cox engines (not big engines) and I have a question about the proper way to de-varnish an
Velodyne VX10 Series 2 subwoofer (Used)SOLD
Velodyne vx 10 series 2 subwoofer Woofer : 10'' Power output : 100w (max 150w) Condition : 7.5/10 Price : SOLD nego Contact : loy 0163683523
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