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XLO Electric Reference 2-1 RCA interconnects (SOLD)
For sale : XLO Reference 2 - 1 : 1.5m pair RCA Interconnect (original factory terminated connectors - Non Magnetic & Direct Gold Plated : Made In U.S.A.) Condition : 7/10 Asking SOLD Interested parties, pls contact David @ 012-3268 663
Affordable high quality interconnects
I thought this topic had been discussed, but my search on the forum didn't pull up anything. So, does anybody have a recommendation for rca or xlr interconnects?
MIT Oracle MA Interconnects (Used) - SOLD
MIT Oracle MA balance interconnects 3M pair Serial No: 21125 Condition: 9/10 Asking price: RM9,300.00 - Sold to my good friend in KL Interested pls call 019-3391677 Gan
Chord Chameleon 2 interconnects (SOLD)
Brand : Chord Chameleon 2 Condition : 8.5/10 Lenght : 1 m pair Price : RM SOLD Postage : Included ( Pos Laju ) Contact : En. Fauzi HP : 012 - 4866014 Location : Penang.
Cardas Cross interconnects (Demo)
Cross interconnect is a new light and flexible cable. Very popular. PFA-air dielectric, 17.5awg, air suspension, Golden section, Constant Q, Crossfield, litz, double shielding, symmetrical quad-axial cable construction, urethane jacket. 0.5m pair -
WTS: HoBao Hyper 10SC Short Course (with Pictures)-to view pics, use other link than internet explorer - SOLD
Selling my HoBao Hyper 10SC Short Course Specifications: • Length:533MM • Width:279MM • Height:190MM • Wheelbase:324MM • Weight:2,585G Comes with One LiPo Battery Selling @S$280 Pls refer to pictures. Pls drop me a message if interested
Super mini - Super Flower.
This Wrightia Religiosa 5cm high, 9cm long,8 years old: .
Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.
*WARNING. This may include spoilers*. The Blue haired SSJ form now has it´s name. It´s called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, and i personally think that that is a straight up terrible name for it. Not only is it annoying to say, it´s also really long.
Van den Hul D-102 V Special interconnects (Used) Sold
Brand:Van Den Hul D-102 V Special Condition:8/10 Length:1m pair Price:RMsold Call:012-2399890
Link to the LHOTP Home Page
Here is the Link to the Homepage of this Forum. LHOTP HOMEPAGE
How do I make a transparent avatar of my ROBLOXian
I can't figure out how, I tried snip too, but that didn't work.
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