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The Man Trap - episode #6
THE MAN TRAP (1st season; episode #6) Directed by Marc Daniels / writer: George Clayton Johnson This was the very first episode of the original Star Trek series to air, though it was the 6th one filmed. Depending on who tells the tale, the execs
Mai-Otome Episode 23: Arika of the Mysterious Valley
Discussion thread for Mai Otome (My-Zhime) Episode 23: Arika of the Mysterious Valley
One Mystery Mark solved: the radiating flower or sun mark is Bill Roberts
I was looking at an auction today and realised we had a large pot by the same potter with one of the "known unknown" marks. The Potter was a very competent one and should be relatively well known. The mystery has been solved by the comment
Natsuki directs Mai-HiME Episode 27?!
Natsuki directs Mai-HiME Episode 27?! I couldn't help myself...
Mark 3 driver boards
Any recommendations for driver boards? Options I've seen: 1. Original replacement design 2. Curcio audio upgrade 3. Triode electronics upgrade 4. Poseidon driver board ( I'm not interested in preserving the original sound of the amp.
Makers mark, chop
Hello all, I have looked at and have not been able to identify the chop. Any suggestions where else I can look? Thanks.
Report on VTA Mark III Driver Board
I completed the build of my first Dynaco Mark III using the VTA driver board. I had to fuss a bit more than I expected, but the final results are excellent. The completed amp sounded excellent from the beginning, but I had a higher level of residual hum
Beginner attempting restoration of Mark III
I just discovered this forum and I am glad to be here. FYI: The last piece of Dynaco equipment I owned was a ST-70 that I paid $15 for. After dusting it and rebiasing its EL34s I used it to drive a pair of Quad 57s for several years. That was
G mark .03 humming bird videos.
here is the video of my latest engine. with a silencer. v=_Xbj28jXt5w[/youtube] do you like it? should i fly it
crystal glass vase stamped with rll mark
need help identifying this crystal glass vase. it has a strange stamp on it which reads RLL
I recently acquired a bowl that was said to be st ives--and it has the exact same mark as OP shows (though mine is unglazed on the exterior). Also shows usual England stamp on OTHER side of bowl (rather than with mark as I have seen in past). Should I
CP Mark and Amnesty International - not G. Plahn . Cambridgeshire Pottery?
I seem to remember big discussions about various CP marks on here in the past but cant seem to find the thread so any one know which one this is please as I've forgotten, thanks. Also what's with the candle thing ???   " />
(Spoilers/Discussions) Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Episode 04
So this is the discussion thread for the Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Episode 04 na kaka-labas/subs ngayong umaga. What can you say minna? My Comments: Spoiler:I really really really love this episode! Sa wakas at nakita narin natin ang totoong
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