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advice on Harman Kardon A 300 integrated amplifier
Hello All, This A300 has apparently been worked on and "modded" by three other technicians. Their work was of about average quality, however, one of them disconnected the phono preamp. Since the filaments of the 12AX7's in the phono preamp
NAD Stereo Amplifier 3140
Upgraded my system hence have the above for sale. The amp has just been serviced by Mr Oh. Specs as follows: Features: * Power rating: 300 Watts AC 120V (switchable) currently operates on 240V 60Hz * 100 Watts per channel at 8 ohms * Volume &
Roksan integrated amplifier KA-1 MKIII
model: Roksan integrated amplifier KA-1 MKIII color: silver data: 115 watts in 8 ohms age: +/- 8 years condition: good 8 / 10 reason to sell: upgraded to pre/power amp Comes with remote, manual and box asking price: SOLD Thank you Contact
Yamaha integrated Amplifier A-S2000
Acoustique Systems [ Item ] : Yamaha Integrated Amplifier A-S2000 [ Condition ] : Brand new (Stock ready)  *limited units [ Address ] : Lot 1.12, 1st floor Amcorp Mall, 18 Persiaran Barat Off Jalan Timur, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. [
Exposure 3010s2 Integrated Amplifier (New)
Features & Specs 110 watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms Six line inputs Bi-wiring compatible Separate pre-amp output with class A buffer stage Remote control High quality capacitors used in the signal path Uniquely tuned short signal and power suppl
Sony TA-FA333ESR integrated amp (Used)
Item: Sony TA-FA333esr intergrated amplifier(used) Power 125W rms @ 8 ohms Excellent phono stage, surprisingly mellow sound. This amplifier is the high end of Sony stereo amplifier, where es stand for elevated series. Good componet and engineering used
Sony TA-F 707 ES integrated amp (Used)SOLD
Sony integrated amp c/w manual Model :TA-F 707 ES Phono : mm/mc Power output : 90 watt Condition : 8/10 Made : japan Remote : yes Price :SOLD Contact : loy 0163683523
Specification & Features: Output Power: 12W×2 Vacuum Tubes:EL84×4 12AX7×2 6E2 ×2 Inputs:4 Groups Outputs:2 Groups Frequency:20Hz-55KHz ±1dB Should be used 50 – 100W speakers with sensitivity over 88dB Contact:Simon TEL:012-320 3380 Price:R
Tripath-Ta 2020 integrated amplifier(Used)SOLD
Selling my DIY Tripath chip based TA2020 integrated amplifier, use for less than 30 hours only. Power out-put 20w into 4 Ohms, Class "T" amplification For those who do not familiar with this little baby can visit the link
New guy. First post. Bias question.
I'm 60 and recently decided to get together a decent tube stereo system (within my means) so I can begin to enjoy vinyl again. I have a large LP/45 collection left over from owning a record store 25 years ago. The power amp I went with was an RFTLYS
NAD 3155 integrated amp (sold)
made in Japan Stereo power 8ohm: 55wpc (130wpc @ 2ohm, dynamic power) Bridged power 8ohm: 125wpc (250wpc @ 8ohm, dynamic power) A high current design that offers smooth mids, highs and
Ananya to get into trouble in Sony TV's Reporters
Ananya to get into trouble in Sony TV's Reporters By TellychakkarTeam 06 May 2015 07:05 PM Though all you fans have been excited to see Ananya (Kritika Kamra) and Kabir (Rajeev Khandelwal) coming close, soon a major twist will come their way
LFD Zero LE Mk4 Integrated (Used)
LFD Zero LE Mk4.0 integrated amp for sale.(Used) Condition 8.5/10. Made in UK. This amp is very good result when match with Harbeth speakers. SOLD.
Dynakitparts/VTA Mark III Integrated Amp Build
As I stated in my one and only other post, my next project was to build an integrated stereo amplifier with phono stage included. I have modeled the project, snapshots shown below, aquired all hardware, except toroids, and have started machining the
Amp Trauma Pt.3: Hum Is Virtually Gone
An update on the problem with the Dynaco MKIV's, and the hum. [size=18]1)Changed the interconnects between the pre and power amps, which made a big difference. The old IC is a twin-ax cable that I installed the RCA connectors on, and I believe there
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