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"sbs qubool hai segt 13dec13 zoya haider masti ki takkar"

SBS Qubool Hai Segt 29Jan14 "Asad&Haider rescue Zoya"
Written Update ... SBS takes us to the sets of Qubool hai where the track being shot was the kidnapping of Zoya ... Zoya is seen wearing the costume of the party night ... Black shimmering saree blouse .. Three goondas bring her to a place looking like
haider's entry to reveal relationship amid zoya nd sidhiqi
Qubool Hai Haider’s entry to reveal relation amid Zoya & Siddique  | The upcoming episode will bring revelation drama, family drama and bit tense drama for Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) in Qubool Hai on ZEE TV. Present trac
Qubool Hai Upsetting Fans; Asad Cannot Marry Zoya Now!!!..
Qubool Hai, the Zee TV show has lately been receiving very bad feedback from their fans across the globe.  The latest twist where just before Asad and Zoya's wedding, Zoya gets into trouble and ends up marrying Asad's brother Ayaan is not sitting well
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 19Feb14 "Asad gives in to Zoya's demand"
Written  Update .... SBS takes us to the sets of Wh where Zoya is placing her demands and is expecting Asad to fulfil them and Asad has no choice but to do as she wishes VO says all good husbands fulfil all their wife's' demands Zoya is wearing a
Qubool Hai Qubool Hai 25Dec13 "Gudia Factory Raaz revealed"
... The episode begins with .. Haider being confronted by humeira .. Who orders him out of the house .. After she leaves .... Haider shouts that he was not going to leave this house so easily .. For he had u finished business here he had old scores to
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 05Feb14 "Billi is Zoya's new Mummy !!"
Promo showed Zoya is shocked to see Tanveer standing in bridal get ip and a doli all decorated for the bride Written Update ... SBS takes us to the sets of Q h where the track being shot is tanveer entering Siddiqui Mansion in a doli in bridal attir
Qubool Hai Written Update 12Dec13 "Zoya teams up with Haider"
The episode begins with .... Razia reading ayaan's letter with Shireen .. Informing his ammi that he was in London .. And would return after becoming  something in life .... Shireen sheds tears as she misses her son ....She shares her fears about her son
SBS Qubool. Hai Segt 4Oct 13 "Mujhey Bahu mat kaho says Zoya " Video Added
Written Update ..... Voice over takes us to the sets of Qubool hai where the current track being shot is that Zoya is strongly raising her voice against being referred to as the Bahu of house hold .. She tells them "mujhey Bahu bahu mat kaho " ... She
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 24Feb14 "Zoya meets her Father"
Written Update ... High points of the week segt .... This week Zoya will finally com to know who her Abbu /father actually is ...  
SBS Qubool Hai. Segt 03Feb14 "Zoya jealous of Sautan !!! "
Written Update .... High points of the week segt ... This week we will get to see lots of Asad Zoya romance and side by side there will be tanveer's saazish too Zoya Asad nok jhok over sautan segt ..... SBS takes us to the sets of QH where th
Qubool Hai Written Update 05Dec13 "Asad Finally Meets his Abbu"
The episode begins with .... Humzie cooking  ..... Haider enters into the kitchen and starts to irritate her .. Tries to flirt with her . Calls her huneira ... She orders him out .. but he still tries to sympathise with her .. Suddenly he notices  her
Metromasti:Zoya develops concern feelings for Asad
Tanveer mixes acid in the Mehendi
There is a suitable word for this wicked woman, however I shall curb my tongue and fingers(typing).
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 19Aug13.."Asad ko hai shaadi ki jaldi!!" & " Raksha bandhan in QH"
Written Update .... Asad ko shaadi ki jaldi segment .... It was an offscreen segment during the shooting of Najma's wedding being fixed with Imran  Voice over says Najma has found her husband ... She is soon going to get married ... The BG song
qubool hai 3 years leap track: asad nd zoya to move newyork...
Qubool Hai 3 years leap track: Asad and Zoya to move Newyork  | ZEE TV’s Qubool Hai will take story ahead with the leap of 3 years with an interesting track and new love story of Asad (Karan SIngh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti). Present track shows
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