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"sbs qubool hai segt 13dec13 zoya haider masti ki takkar"

SBS Qubool Hai Segt 16 Dec13 "Haider transforms into Heena??"
Written update ..... Promo showed haider dressed as a female ..wearing a wig , lipcolour   Violet Salwaar kurta .... Doing adaab to Humeira .. SBS takes us to the sets of QH where we see some offscreen segts from some upcoming tracks ... Haider was
Qubool Hai Written Update 26Dec13 "Haider and his chutki Zoya"
Nikhat tells Farhaan that she had seen her silhouette and heard footsteps  Farhaan refuses to believe this .. Nikhat replies that sameera was in this house  Farhaan is hurt that she was spreading wrong things about sameera and regrets sharing with her
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 29Jan14 "Asad&Haider rescue Zoya"
Written Update ... SBS takes us to the sets of Qubool hai where the track being shot was the kidnapping of Zoya ... Zoya is seen wearing the costume of the party night ... Black shimmering saree blouse .. Three goondas bring her to a place looking like
haider's entry to reveal relationship amid zoya nd sidhiqi
Qubool Hai Haider’s entry to reveal relation amid Zoya & Siddique  | The upcoming episode will bring revelation drama, family drama and bit tense drama for Asad (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) in Qubool Hai on ZEE TV. Present trac
Spoiler News 14Dec13 Qubool Hai
Haider and Zoya are siblings n sister ..
Review of Qubool Hai – 23-1-14
Review of Qubool Hai – 23-1-14 Hi,  Asad has declared himself as the CEO. This was a nice scenario for a rift between Asad and Ayan. It seems like CV’s have forgotten about breaking the strong bond between brothers and has moved on to breaking the
Qubool Hai Qubool Hai 25Dec13 "Gudia Factory Raaz revealed"
... The episode begins with .. Haider being confronted by humeira .. Who orders him out of the house .. After she leaves .... Haider shouts that he was not going to leave this house so easily .. For he had u finished business here he had old scores to
Qubool Hai Upsetting Fans; Asad Cannot Marry Zoya Now!!!..
Qubool Hai, the Zee TV show has lately been receiving very bad feedback from their fans across the globe.  The latest twist where just before Asad and Zoya's wedding, Zoya gets into trouble and ends up marrying Asad's brother Ayaan is not sitting well
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 19Jan14 "Zoya ko miley Papa"
Written Update ... SBS takes us to the sets of. Qubool Hai where the scene being shot is Mumani /Razia is standing in black suit weilding a sharp knife angrily .. All prepared to murder Zoya ... Gaffoor is there too they both are discussing their
Haider - Qubool Hai
Haider - Qubool Hai Haider is a very intriguing.. He is unwelcome in the house in which he is staying yet he is not leaving.. He is rich and a successful businessman so he can check into any big hotel in Bhopal. His entry into the house without anyone’s
Qubool hai written update 19th February 2014
Humz is lost in thoughts. Haider asks her what is it? Humz says I feel free. She asks him what feeling this is. Haider says its love! Haider smirks. Click this bar to view the full image. Click this bar to view the full
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 9Sep13 "Zoya ki Shaadi ka Sriganesh" Pics & video added
Written Update ...  Voice over takes us to the sets of Qubool hai where the track of Zoya and Najma's Nikah are being shot .... Both the brides are glowing as they sit all dressed up in their wedding fineries  The BG song for the segt is .....
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 27Nov13 "Haider scares Humeira in entry scene "
Written Update .... Promo showed Haider ..Mohit Sehegal in Razia Mansion ... Gaffoor talking to him looking serious ... Voice over took us to the sets of QH where the entry scene of new character was being shot ... Soon after Ayaan leaves the
Metro masti Article - Asad & Zoya come across toy factory secret
Today's Article....
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 07Feb14 "Asad Zoya ki Haldi"
Written Update ... SBS takes us to the sets of QH where the rehearsals for the haldi rasam was going on .. The sets were decorated with yellow drapes and yellow marigold flowers ... Most of the actors were seen in yellow costumes .. Except Asad and
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