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How fast does an electric engine starter spin?... Or... hard starting .049
I want to possibly make one if I can do it cheaply enough. I have one engine that's always a pain to start. The engine I'm having trouble with is an .049 with a new crankcase, brass driveplate, new SPI piston/cyl set and a new killer Bee backplate. It'
Subtext and Subliminal Messages in the Bond Films
This article was primarily written by John Cox for 007Forever back in 2000. I'm republishing it here so that it can be archived and updated if necessary. WARNING This article deals with adult subject matter and may not be suitable for all
Was Haruka Suzushiro homophobic/Anti-Gay/Lesbian? End the debate!
Was Haruka Suzushiro homophobic/Anti-Gay/Lesbian? --- Most answers have pointed to 'yes' in past discussions. In Episode 22 of Mai-HiME, Haruka confronts Shizuru on more than just leaving her Student Council duties. She addresses
Inside Out
Well, I started this bit post CountDown, but really it spoils Knockdown. It's my first Castle fanfic. What got me thinking about it was Beckett. Beckett seems quite good at playing a bad girl... Inside Out She glances at the empty chair across
Was Natsuki Kuga REALLY a lesbian? [Mai-HiME]
Was Natsuki Kuga a lesbian? [Mai-HiME] Because, you know, people still have their doubts. ;p "Oi, I'm not so sure anymore..." She is in love with another woman Post-Episode 26 to me, that much is certain. She accepted a woman's
How does a cox texaco spin a bigger propeller
Hi Basically, i just want to know how a texaco can turn a bigger prop and that's it. Thanks
vintage x wing motor spin
Which direction do you turn the vintage x wing motor to try to jump start it?
George Clooney's batman cost Chris O'Donnell a Robin spin-off
So that's why Chris O'Donnell's career has stalled: it's all George's fault! George Clooney - George Clooney's Batman Flop Cost Chris O'donnell
Hello from Georgia!
I am so happy to have found this website to connect with those who love Keeping Up Appearances as much as I do! There is absolutely nothing of value to watch on television in the US and my Saturday night Brit-coms are something I look forward to each
Autocross driver takes wife for a spin
OMG...too funny.
The What-Could-Of-Beens in your fandom life.
The What-Could-Of-Beens in your life. This topic will focus on the things in your life that could of been done BETTER if circumstances were different or if you were in more control of whatever happened. Now I don't want you to confuse this with yet
Let's Fly - Simoun
I've actually wanted to do a thread like this for awhile, but didn't get around to doing it. For any who know me, Simoun is my OTA, or one true anime, as I like to call it. I never used to get why people would say that such and such anime was their
Something I thought about Mai's disappearance
I was reading a doujin I bought set during Natsuki/Shizuru/Mai/Haruka's time as students at Garderobe (which I hope to translate at some point.) And it got me thinking about their school days and how the explanation for Mai's disappearance in omake 8 seem
Yume Nikki Discussion (Plus Spinoffs)
So, who else has play this extraordinary RPG Maker game? What are your overall thoughts on it? Anything in it that particularly scared or unnerved you? Do you have any theories or headcanons for the game? Have you played any of the spinoffs/fangames (ex.
Senki Zesshou Symphogear discussion
When I first watch it, I thought I found the reference named "Zwei" Wing, coming from Mai-Otome that we all know of. And then it turns out that it has transformation like Mai-Otome, but instead of having a master to kiss the ring, and say
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