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Hinoki air layering in July?
Hi all! I am very new - to bonsai as a whole as well as to this forum, recently finding myself a refugee while bonsaitalk is down I recently got back in to caring for trees after having moved halfway across the country and finding the variety of
ALW on Piers Morgan's CNN Show July 1, 2011
For those who get CNN, you can check out what ALW has to say on Piers Morgan's program. Here's a sample: CNN Link
Water in glass bowl
Hi all, a newby here. Great site. Thank you. I have a question..... When I cook anything I put water in the bottom of the glass bowl of my HO, but I've not seen any reference, in any recipes here, about putting water in the bottom. Am I doing something
Drying and Firing
Drying of a Pot After potting the water must be removed from the still wet pot. A faulty drying process can destroy the pot while drying or during the first firing process. Mechanically bound water fills the space between the single clay
water temp affect sex
was told if water temp was around 28 c id get say male if around 24 c id female can someone clear this up for me is it fact or fiction
Revell Spad XIII 1/28th scale
Well here it is, as flown by ...... 1/Lt. Long, 93rd Aero Sqd, 3rd Pursuit Group, United States Air Service. France, October 1918. Made a cockpit roll for the edge out of some wire insulation simple rigging yet looks quite
water treatment
Hi all, whats your regime with water treatment? How much do you use and how often? thanks Kev
Muddy Water?
Hey guys.. I was wondering.. After reading the rules about the banned moves and stuff on here it says that moves that lower accuracy are banned.. Which is reasonable enough. My question is will the move 'Muddy Water' be banned? As it isn't directly
Advice re. Water Jasmine?
Hi everyone! Disclaimer: I'm a newbie *waves*. Hence the absolute lack of knowledge on how to proceed. I got this water jasmine about a month ago. I've mostly just focused on keeping it alive while I read every book on bonsai I can find at the publi
Water pump Gland packing
During running in today the water pump started to let by the ram, eventually emptying the tender even in bypass. Is there a recognised method for gland packing as I have tried three times to repack with more graphite yarn to find it makes absolutely no
4th of July Fridgies
Fourth of July Fridgies by Priscilla Hewitt ©1999 Stars Materials: Scraps of red, white, and blue worsted weight yarn (cotton or acrylic) Crochet hook size E Make 1 red, 1 white, 1 blue. Ch 2 Round 1: Work 5 sc in
New from Verlinden Productions for July
There are nine new products for this month for July #2503 1:35 Farmers Wife & Daughter (No snickering Gary !!! You too Glenn !!! ) #2504 1:700 WWII Military Dock Equipment Set III #2505 1:35 Bolts, Screws & Fasteners #2506
July 16 - Sour Grapes
Hello everyone!!! We had a lucky seven stories this month for the Sour Grapes challenge And no need to w(h)ine As none were dregs... Ah, I take it u'pun myself, I really do. Now, two of our seven lovelies are already swathed in yellow - lik
SUY July 2014: Alligators and Crocodiles
I have the pleasure to start the July 2014 SUY: Alligators and Crocodiles. Alligators and crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Although they appear to be similar looking,
July 2013 Lying in Wait
Wow! You should see the size of this Story Challenge room... Not being a red wine drinker I abandoned the Italian meal and a bottle of vino method of choosing the story title for this month.  However, this has full approval of the fluffy one who is
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