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"rawr means i love you in dinosaur"

PANINI Dinosaur Models - Early 1990s UK
I just thought I'dpost some photos of these little cute dinosaurs which I collected with a British monthly childrens factual dinosaur magazine back in the early 1990s. I used to buy the publication which came with a different dinosaur model and a paper
Rawr, fight meh!!
Soooo what i propose is to wager a quarter of my dp for a duel, since i just started it won't be much, but naturally it'll cascade over time. ^ Soo.. yeah, HAVE AT THEE!!  On dn or ygopro or lol or minesweeper or chess or rock-paper-scissors or hide and
dinosaur deck
super conductor tyranno ultimate tyranno black tyranno tyranno infinity water dragon dark driceratops sabersaurus oxygeddon kabazauls hydrogeddon 3x hyper hammerhead 2x gilasaurus 2x mad sword beast black stego black
My friend suggested the title xD Anyways, I'm Sassy, the Delcatty. Tickling? HUGE fetish. Especially with Pokemon xD Thats how I ended up here. Here is a bio, fear it (or read it, if you dare xD): Name: Sassy Gender: Female Age:16 Species:
Love Never Dies - all views allowed
Well, since it IS going to happen , we need a topic for the sequel. Anyone in London want to sign up for this?
X Marks the Spot!
~X Marks the Spot!~ Hello friends, acquaintences, teammates, dormmates, non-friendly article readers, trolls, newbies, vets, and everyone in between! Today I'll be talking about those ravenous, radical, rapscallions, the X-Saber monsters and their
At the following link, Schleich dinosaurus (and other things) got a serious price drop. For example, Apatosaurus for $10; Brachiosaurus for $20 and so on... I already bought them. Schleich clearance
Dinosaur fauna
For a dimensional crossroads, Felarya's fauna sure seems pretty well modelled after modern day animals. If we have volasaurs, naturally wouldn't we have other neo-prehistoric beasties? Here's a few I took the time to compose: Noctor sketch A
Dinosaur pics from Argentavis
I start a new thread for my dinosaur pics. At first i start with the allosaurus pictures i have already posted in another thread, i hope you like my photos.
My dinosaurs
Hiya, I've been collecting dinosaurs casually for about 3 or 4 years, but I recently got really into paleontology in general this year. The unusually coloured ones are custom repaints, by a member on another forum. They were NOT done by me Also
Hello, Everyone! I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful holiday season! I am sorry I was MIA. Between being ill, loss of my father, and the holidays my time has been very short for being in groups and forums. I just wanted to apologize fo
THAAAAAAAAAAT'S US! In: WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE FOR EVERYTHING!? :3 Hola mi gente! This thread will serve as another one of those "funny stories" threads; centered around one main subject: Excuses. We lie, cheat and steal in many ways! Even
Bhudhidan's decision
Bhudhidan's decision I am happy with Bhudhidan's decision. This showed the true colours of Pramad’s mum and her lack of trust in Bhudhidan’s and Kumud. She always considers that her son is right or atleast truly believed that the reason for Prama
OTHER NAMES OF ARJUN: Arjun--A person of Bright complexion like Silver Phalgun - one born on the star of Phalguna Jishnu - conqueror of enemies Kiriti - one who wears the celestial diadem,Kiriti, presented by Indra Shwetavahana - on
selling and trading 4*/5*/6*
U can kik me at yellowdragon_fanta trading and selling 4* / 5* trading 6* only for other 6* send your request to me and i will let u know how much i will sell it for no level indicated means fresh. max means no level break ***4* 1TE or 2 pots***
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