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Rajat Tokas gets engaged!
Actor Rajat Tokas who is currently seen in Zee TV’s Jodha Akhbar, is apprently not single anymore. News have been making rounds that Rajat Tokas has found love in Shrishti Nayyar. The couple have been seeing together on the sets of Jodha Akbar and thei
guys....don't bash me 4 dis pics...i'm innocent yaar     *FB*
Shrishti Nayar Rajat's Present fiance and Arya Babbar's ex-fiance
Shrishti nayyar arya babbar son of raj babbar ki fiance thi.. Dec oct 2013 m in 2no ki marriage hone wali thi bt arya babbar ke grand father expire ho gye the islie inki shaadi posponed ho gyi thi.... I heard she is
Rajat Tokas aka Akbar gets engaged to Arya Babbar’s ex
Rajat Tokas, who plays Akbar in Jodha Akbar, got engaged to his girlfriend Shrishti Nayyar yesterday. The two have been dating each other for over a year. Shrishti has often been spotted on the sets of the show to spend quality time with Rajat. Says
Rajat's real twitter account
Guys this rajjattokas is the real account of Rajat and rajattokas10 is an imposter!!! See Rajat has tweeted this pic Follow this one if you want to! I'm already following him    text written on the paper message : I RAJAT TOKAS, AM PROVING THA
Rajat Tokas is getting engaged with Srishti Nayyar on 9th of April. The wedding ceremony will be held on October.. This news is 100% CONFIRMED.... source---FB
In daily soaps you are just an onlooker: Rajat Tokas
Rajat Tokas struck gold with his portrayal of young Prithviraj in the epic saga Prithviraj Chauhan. And soon the actor went on to become a household name but post Prithviraj, he was hardly seen on the small screen, except on Ekta Kapoor's Tere Liye.
This is Rajat's engagenent invitation card not fake
credits to original uploader in FB 
SBS Jodha Akbar Segment 02Aug13"Rajat Tokas ki girlfriend !" "Kyun zaar zaar royi Jodha "
Written Update ... Rajat Tokas ki girlfriend segment .... The segment opened with voice over asking ... Is she the one who is the life partner of the heart throb of millions of girls Rajat Tokas ?. The BG song played ..."mil gaya .. Hum  ko saathi
Bonding over sher-o-shayari ...Rajat Tokas and Ashwini Kalsekar
Bonding over sher-o-shayari ...Rajat Tokas and Ashwini Kalsekar share a common love for Urdu For two people who have never had to converse in Urdu, actors Rajat Tokas and Ashwini Kalsekar of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar have definitely taken to the language
Rajat Tokas's tongue-tied around Paridhi Sharma
Paridhi Sharma who is playing Jodha in Zee’s Jodha Akbar is readying to tie the knot with Akbar (Rajat Tokas) this week in a special wedding ceremony called Shaahi Saptaah. The pretty girl has been donning beautiful, rich ethnic creations and jewellery,
SBS 04Apr14 "Rajat Tokas' Shaadi will be in Oct "
Written Update ... Hot News Segt ... Voice over revealed that it is almost confirmed that Rajat Tokas is going to get engaged this 9th April that is next week ... He will get engaged to his long time girl friend Shrishti. Nayyar Their wedding date
Here's Rajat Tokas for u!!!
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