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Vintage Vacuum Tube Audio
I know that the ARF has a section for tube audio but I don't post much there because I know that the main thrust is for radio. However, my main interest is late 50s to mid 60s tube audio. I also like Knight-Kit transistor amplifiers too. So, if you lik
Capacitors in tube audio
Why are decoupling caps between plate and grid lower values like 0.1uF-0.33uF and the output decoupling cap higher values like 1.5-2.2uF? I understand the math behind the output decoupler where-by a lower value causes the cutoff knee to be at a higher
How Do You Run TV Audio through Stereo Speakers?
I'm not pleased with the speakers in my Samsung flat-screen. I've got perfectly good stereo speakers right next to the telly--so how do I run the TV audio through those speakers? Do I need some sort of adapter or special cables?
VTA SP9 preamp with tone controls
I just finished building this preamp for a customer, the SP9 preamp with tone controls, and added PH12 phono circuit. This came out fairly nice. The circuit is also available as a plug-in replacement for the PAS3 PC5 line amp. I've had this circuit for
Stereo/Mono Switch....
I would like to get some opinions on the removal of the switch. My basic question is...."should I remove the switch from the circuit first of all, and if so then what is the proper method of doing so for a stock board". Thanks to all who reply,
Older Audio, Hi Fidelity and Hi-Fi Stereo Review magazines in pdf form
Back when I was a young kid in the late 1950's and early 1960's the only source of information on Hi-Fi was magazines. The magazines at the time were maybe 35 cents to 75 cents each. Now and then I would be able to come up up with the cash to buy one.
REVIEW - Tubes4hifi SP-8SE tube preamp KIT
Roy Mottram, the designer of the VTA driver board and the SP-6, SP-8 preamps, was kind enough to ship me one of his wired and tested SP-8SE (Special Edition) "kit" preamps for evaluation. This preamp is 16 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches high and 12
Craigtone's System
Here is my ST-70 system ... Sources: Rega P2 w/DL-103, NAD C521BEE w/OPA627 op-amps & output cap bypass Preamps: Rotel Phono w/LM4562 op-amps & output cap bypass, Bottlehead FPIII w/upgraded caps & RCA Clear-tops Amp: Dynaco ST-70
Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC / Headphone amp / Preamp (SOLD)
Up for grabs is a mint Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 DAC/Headphone amplifier. This is the newer low gain version where the volume control is more linear compared to that of earlier versions. Low impedance can owners (myself alike) will find this very useful
Good values in audio today - Add yours ...
There is a thread on the forum about "audio voodoo" and the financial rip-offs that some sellers attempt to perpetrate on us audiophiles (or is it "audiophools"- lol). What audio product have you personally used which you feel is a goo
SP12 preamp
Does anyone have the SP12 preamp and what is your impressions. I am looking to build a new preamp. Thanks
Dynaco PAS3 Balance control replacement
Hi I have recently purchased a Dynaco PAS3 in need of repair. The 750K balance control is damaged. I am having trouble finding a replacement. Does anyone know where I can get one. Can I substitute a 500K or a 1M pot? Any information would be greatly
VTA stepped attenuator in place of my PAS-3
Hey Bob, I finally got the stepped attenuator you sent me installed into my VTA ST-70 amp which I built from your kit. I use this amp in my playroom when we have people over. This is a second system and I had a basically stock PAS-3 that I was using for m
DIY Audio articles from Rod Elliot of Elliot Sound Products
Rod Elliot of Elliot Sound Products in Australia has a great online list of DIY Audio articles ... Things such as ... How to spot fake audio components Biamping benefits Negative feedback Valve (tube) amplifiers Make your own ABX
sp-8 preamp ?
Why is there no bass and treble control on some preamps like the SP-8?
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