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Realistic stereo phono preamp ( Used )
Vintage Realistic stereo phono preamp in excellent working condition. Made in Japan for Tandy Corp. of USA.The Realistic phono preamp is for the US market and is a AC 110V unit.Sounds very natural and easy to match with. Condition : 8/10 Location :
Capacitors in tube audio
Why are decoupling caps between plate and grid lower values like 0.1uF-0.33uF and the output decoupling cap higher values like 1.5-2.2uF? I understand the math behind the output decoupler where-by a lower value causes the cutoff knee to be at a higher
FS: Classe Audio CP50 Preamp (SOLD)
Selling my very well kept, very good cosmetic and working condition Classe Audio CP50 preamp to fund my next upgrade. It comes with very solid build remote control, manual and original box. Look at the photos to be convinced. Sound quality is really
Primare PRE30 stereo preamp (SOLD)
Bought used from CMY.  Condition 8/10.  Comes with box and remote but no manual (can download from Primare website).  5-star review in What
Stereo/Mono Switch....
I would like to get some opinions on the removal of the switch. My basic question is...."should I remove the switch from the circuit first of all, and if so then what is the proper method of doing so for a stock board". Thanks to all who reply,
Herron Audio VTSP-2 Tube preamp (Used) SOLD
with remote control Made in USA Condition : 8.5/10 Vacuum Tube : Mullard 6922 x 6 Price : RM SOLD Tel GOH : 017-6343350 Location : Melaka [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Older Audio, Hi Fidelity and Hi-Fi Stereo Review magazines in pdf form
Back when I was a young kid in the late 1950's and early 1960's the only source of information on Hi-Fi was magazines. The magazines at the time were maybe 35 cents to 75 cents each. Now and then I would be able to come up up with the cash to buy one.
How Do You Run TV Audio through Stereo Speakers?
I'm not pleased with the speakers in my Samsung flat-screen. I've got perfectly good stereo speakers right next to the telly--so how do I run the TV audio through those speakers? Do I need some sort of adapter or special cables?
B&K PT 5 Stereo preamp (Used)
B&K PT 5 Stereo preamp (seldom use ,like new) with original remote control~ Condition: 8.5/10 Price: Asking for RM1500 Pls call or sms 0126311828
Convergent Audio Technology SL1 Signature MkII preamp (Used)SOLD
Convergent Audio Tecchnology Signature mk II tube preamp Tube : 12AT7 X 2 ,12AX7 X 4 , 6922 X 2 Phono : yes Condition : 8/10 Made : usa Price : 9500.00 nego Contact : loy 0163683523
NAD Preamp Monitor Series 1000 (sold)
Condition : 8/10 keep in aircon room Price : Rm $450 Location : PJ
Craigtone's System
Here is my ST-70 system ... Sources: Rega P2 w/DL-103, NAD C521BEE w/OPA627 op-amps & output cap bypass Preamps: Rotel Phono w/LM4562 op-amps & output cap bypass, Bottlehead FPIII w/upgraded caps & RCA Clear-tops Amp: Dynaco ST-70
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PAT 4 Pre-amp needs help
I have a PAT-4 pre-amp as well as a PAT-4A. I believe the PAT-4A is factory wired, but I am not certain of this regarding the other. Both need some work, as the pots are noisy and the selector knobs no longer work properly. Some of the switches are bad
Balanced Audio Technoloqy VK-5i preamp (Used) SOLD
Balanced Audio VK-5i Fully Balanced Tube Preamplifier(Used) Manufacturer's FR Specs: 2 Hz - 300 kHz -3 dB All Inputs and Outputs XLR (Balanced) Size: 5 3/4" H x 19" W x 15 1/2" D Weight: 31 pounds Condition 8/10 c/w no remot
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