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Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier
UPDATE THREE REPORTS OF EARLY FAILURES IN THE LARGER LATINO AMPS!! /t2391p75-that-good-old-rectifier-sound The tubes start out strong, but get progressively weaker with minimal hours, until they can no longer bias up the amp. I dropped a note to
VM Missing Turntable Bearings
Two years ago I was working VM classroom record player.I pulled the turntable off to replace the idler ordered a replacement from Gary Stork and what ever service information he had for it.Upon studing the parts list I noticed that there should be a
Turntable suggestions?
While waiting for my amp I've been going through my cd collection and rediscovered a cd by a jazz artist that I haven't played in years. This brought back memories of the reason I bought this cd. The artist is Emir Deodato and when I was in school my
Direct- vs. indirect-heated rectifiers in ST120
As I understand, a direct-heated rectifier applies high voltage to driver and power tubes faster than an indirect-heated rectifier. But what I read suggests that a direct-heated rectifier takes 3-4 seconds to heat which I think is about equal to the Webe
Voltage too high
Hello all...I have a Norelco model BX 640A/54 made in Holland. I just replaced the three 50/450 electrolytics and 3 tubes including the EM80 eye tube. I plugged it into a dim bulb tester with a 60w bulb. Radio played great up and down the dial on both AM
Grounding a Turntable Used w/PAS & ST-35?
Hello, I've lurked around some and thank you all for the information that you share. I've been using a Thorens with my set up and it's internally grounded. I've changed to a Technics TT that has an external ground wire. Neither the PAS or the ST-35
Philips 5814 - 12AU7
I work on Govt Property pretty often and was at a super duper RADAR site recently. In the storeroom there were STACKS of JAN 5814 tubes, all NOS. I asked the tech, "What are these for?", and he says "some of the RADAR amps use them and we horde
Turntable flocking (fuzz)
Where can a person buy flocking ( the fuzzy stuff) for turntables? There surely has to be someplace I can get it. I have been making felt mats for temporary use, but would like the real thing if I can get it. I can't see paying somebody $40 or so to do
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
Instant Control Line Flying! T-38 Talon Whip-Line from 2/70 M.A.N.
Here's a model you can keep by the door, ready to fly at a moment's notice. NO support equipment, fuel, or noise. Ought to make a great trainer for beginners to get themselves started in control line flying without risking their powered model on a first
Control line stooge
Anyone build there own stooge? Hard to find any help for me, I need some ideas.
Magnavox Console/CR-717 Transformer.
I just put this Magnavox back together (Console Model unknown - I've found some very similar in old brochures on the webz): With a relatively inexpensive PYLEPro turntable - chosen only because it had the dimensions to fit in the place of the old
Philips b3X02A
Hey all, I am looking for a suitable replacement for the 64 mf 10v cap coming off of pin 3 of the EL84 tube. I can't find one online. If I am reading the values incorrectly please let me know. I appreciate any help you can give me! Mike
Philips 5R4GYS rectifier ok in ST-70 ?
Can I substitute a  Philips 5R4GYS rectifier for a GZ34 in my VTA ST-70?  I read an article by Bob Levi ( where he says he used one of these Philips 5R4GYS rectifiers in an ST-70 and I quote "The 5R4GYS is
Volume control
Hello to the group, This is my first posting and I would like to say that I find this to be a very informative site. Although I have searched a little I cant find info on a volume control. Could anyone point me to a schematic or pictures/description o
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