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Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier
UPDATE THREE REPORTS OF EARLY FAILURES IN THE LARGER LATINO AMPS!! /t2391p75-that-good-old-rectifier-sound The tubes start out strong, but get progressively weaker with minimal hours, until they can no longer bias up the amp. I dropped a note to
VM Missing Turntable Bearings
Two years ago I was working VM classroom record player.I pulled the turntable off to replace the idler ordered a replacement from Gary Stork and what ever service information he had for it.Upon studing the parts list I noticed that there should be a
Turntable suggestions?
While waiting for my amp I've been going through my cd collection and rediscovered a cd by a jazz artist that I haven't played in years. This brought back memories of the reason I bought this cd. The artist is Emir Deodato and when I was in school my
Grounding a Turntable Used w/PAS & ST-35?
Hello, I've lurked around some and thank you all for the information that you share. I've been using a Thorens with my set up and it's internally grounded. I've changed to a Technics TT that has an external ground wire. Neither the PAS or the ST-35
Voltage too high
Hello all...I have a Norelco model BX 640A/54 made in Holland. I just replaced the three 50/450 electrolytics and 3 tubes including the EM80 eye tube. I plugged it into a dim bulb tester with a 60w bulb. Radio played great up and down the dial on both AM
Philips 5814 - 12AU7
I work on Govt Property pretty often and was at a super duper RADAR site recently. In the storeroom there were STACKS of JAN 5814 tubes, all NOS. I asked the tech, "What are these for?", and he says "some of the RADAR amps use them and we horde
Turntable flocking (fuzz)
Where can a person buy flocking ( the fuzzy stuff) for turntables? There surely has to be someplace I can get it. I have been making felt mats for temporary use, but would like the real thing if I can get it. I can't see paying somebody $40 or so to do
Dc Direct - 1/6 The Dark Knight returns Batman horse Statue
Alors là je suis carrément scotché ! Pas beaucoup d'infos pour le moment car les produits sont en train d'être présentés à l'occasion du New York Comic Con mais cette statue fait partie des nouveautés DC pour l'année prochaine. Donc apparemment
7062 / 12AT7
Yo! I'm running 7062 in the phase splitter spots on my VTA ST120 amp. These are a little lower in gain then a 12AT7. The sound is great and the amp is dead silent at idle. I can't say if I like the sound better or worse then the mullard 12AT7. This
Instant Control Line Flying! T-38 Talon Whip-Line from 2/70 M.A.N.
Here's a model you can keep by the door, ready to fly at a moment's notice. NO support equipment, fuel, or noise. Ought to make a great trainer for beginners to get themselves started in control line flying without risking their powered model on a first
Control line stooge
Anyone build there own stooge? Hard to find any help for me, I need some ideas.
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
Magnavox Console/CR-717 Transformer.
I just put this Magnavox back together (Console Model unknown - I've found some very similar in old brochures on the webz): With a relatively inexpensive PYLEPro turntable - chosen only because it had the dimensions to fit in the place of the old
MILIUS TO DIRECT "The Legend of Conan" on 2015
Will you PRAY TO CROM with us? If so, please share this video.
Philips b3X02A
Hey all, I am looking for a suitable replacement for the 64 mf 10v cap coming off of pin 3 of the EL84 tube. I can't find one online. If I am reading the values incorrectly please let me know. I appreciate any help you can give me! Mike
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