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Revolutionary War POW Camp in Pennsylvania
I thought this was pretty interesting. Even though its not a new discovery.
The Canada Revenue Agency has announced that it will give a free pencil sharpener to all taxpayers who pay their taxes on time this year. It can be placed on your desk as a constant reminder of the service they provide to you each year.
Shift to digital will hit revenue, says HarperCollins CEO Publishers are unlikely to be able to replace the revenues lost in the shift from print to e-books unless they can significantly grow volume sales, according to
Anyone for some Pennsylvania Relic Hunting.
Hi Everyone ,Going to have hunts in PA come check me out and please pass the word :) Thanks Dan'l
Stamp collecting
Wrong Statue of Liberty on stamp 16 April 2011 The Lady Liberty first class postage stamp that left US postal bosses red-faced The US Post Office has made a huge mistake on a stamp honouring an icon of America, the Statue of Liberty. A
Catherine Anselmi stamp and Crown Lynn stamp on this shell vase? The old Crown with one star Crown Lynn stamp ..... and the Catherine Anselmi stamp as well ?
Small asian Vase w/ Stamp
I found this small vase, which I am assuming is Chinese (I live in a large Chinese population however I have found some Japanese pottery as well so thats also a possibility) and I would love to know more about it, especially the maker whose stamp I have
Expressimo 2- Rega arm Stub(New)
  Wts : Expressimo 2 Hex-treme (New)    Rega arm Stub Upgrade/Applicable for Rb300/600/900/1000   Allen key is included. A real rega treat....   Condition : 10/10   Price : Rm235.00 nett. Does not include postage. Interested please pm me. Tq
How to remove shearded off spark plug stub
Having applied Plus Gas for a week or so, I managed to get all the visible nuts, bolts, and studs moving on my MK10 Villiers. The only casualty was the spark plug. It was seized solid and I couldn't budge it so took the whole job to the local garden
acorn stamp
hi could anyone ID these marks on a piece of ironstone/stoneware? Looks like an acorn and the a stamp with mcp as separate letters
JBP stub, when to remove?
I bought 2 Japanese Black Pine. One is a larger landscaper's tree which I chopped w/ a big/long stub. The other is a smaller JBP grown for bonsai. It has some stubs (at chop/pruning areas) as well and I am just wondering when is the best time to remove
Pennsylvania Cities and Sights
In Pennsylvania there are a lot of different places you can visit. There's a lot of history in this lovely little state and fun places to go. I figured I'd introduce you to a couple and some of them aren't even cities per say, they are more like
The Pennsylvania Germans
Numerous Protestant denominations got their start in Pennsylvania. After reading The Reformation recently, I dug out my book on The Pennsylvania Germans. The following are some excerpts from “The Pennsylvania Germans” by Charles H. Glatfelter The
Looks like Crown Lynn stamp - but is it? Those very annoying low 500's again!
Was looking at this vase, looks like Crown Lynn numbering, but is it?
Control line get together in Reading, Pennsylvania
Today myself and a few club members managed to make it to our yearly get together. The Flying Dutchmen of Reading, Pa is to my knowledge one of the oldest clubs still operating in existence. We had quite a turnout for a rainy dreary overcast day. All
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