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Shift to digital will hit revenue, says HarperCollins CEO Publishers are unlikely to be able to replace the revenues lost in the shift from print to e-books unless they can significantly grow volume sales, according to
Expressimo 2- Rega arm Stub(New)
  Wts : Expressimo 2 Hex-treme (New)    Rega arm Stub Upgrade/Applicable for Rb300/600/900/1000   Allen key is included. A real rega treat....   Condition : 10/10   Price : Rm235.00 nett. Does not include postage. Interested please pm me. Tq
Anyone for some Pennsylvania Relic Hunting.
Hi Everyone ,Going to have hunts in PA come check me out and please pass the word :) Thanks Dan'l
1990 MLB All-Star Game Ticket Stub - Chicago
I have a few of these since I went to the game with my family. This one unfortunately is in the worst condition out of the group. It had another ticket sitting on top of it and when I peeled them apart it left the marks on the top. $20
Master Box 8th PA Cavalry, 89th Reg PA Volunteers
Master Box “U.S. Civil War Series”: “Attack!” 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry, 89th Regiment PA Volunteers Battle of Chancellorsville, May 2nd 1863 in 1/35th Scale. By Shawn Gehling This is Master Box’s 2nd release in the “US Civil War” series. History:
Stamp collecting
Wrong Statue of Liberty on stamp 16 April 2011 The Lady Liberty first class postage stamp that left US postal bosses red-faced The US Post Office has made a huge mistake on a stamp honouring an icon of America, the Statue of Liberty. A
Time stamp
Robert is there any way that you can get the time stamp to be a little closer to current time My current time is 5:11 PM est the time stamp says 10:11 PM which puts it 5 hrs off. Gets me all confused sometimes??
I used scrapbook stamp....
Is this cheating? The white lines could have been cleaner. I will try next time but it was 2 in the morning already.
A PETITION to wind-up Llanelli has been presented in the High Court by the Commissioners for HM Revenue & Customs. The petition is due to be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in London September 3. Last season, Llanelli's south Wales
Ramsbury jug but no bird stamp?
Ok, I think this is Ramsbury but I'm expecting to be shot down in flames as there is no bird stamp/impression. As mentioned in other post, this was found with Odney, unknown studio ware, Sheldon, Boscastle and Dragon Pottery. I'd guess collected a while
stoneware pitcher with green swirls and flower stamp on bottom
I would like help in identifying this stoneware pitcher, about 5 or 6 in. tall, with green swirls in the glaze and a flower stamp on the bottom.
Looks like Crown Lynn stamp - but is it? Those very annoying low 500's again!
Was looking at this vase, looks like Crown Lynn numbering, but is it?
Hello from PA
Hey all! Figured I'd pop my head out of the hole I'm in and introduce myself. I'm the ripe young age of 21 and from North East Pennsylvania. I recently picked up an old RCA 56X1 (5 tube) radio with all intentions of making it work. I'm not so much into
Hello from Pennsylvania !
Hello everyone Keeping up appearances is by far one of the best shows ever made Always puts a smile on my face no matter how many times I watched an episode ! Nice to meet you all !!! Bobbie
This is my.... what??? Yamadori (?) stub
My neighbour in the countryside has undercut enough trees in his attempt to fallow his property. The stub on the photos was an "easy" one for me to dig up. It was under the ground up to the point that the right branch is stretching Not much
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