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"ouran live action haruhi no happy birthday daisakusen help"

Happy birthday, Pam!
     Opie shares his birthday with you! He sends you his best wishes.
Happy birthday, Susie! ♥
Happy birthday, Susie!! We miss you here on the prairie! I hope we see you again soon - and I hope that your birthday is FABULOUS!
Happy belated birthday Christina!
Sorry I forgot about this!! I thought about your bday on MY bday, lol, since we're only two days apart, but then forgot to post on your bday. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Christina!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy SuMaNa DeAr
To our special friend and Master writer Sumana I want to wish her the best life can offer on her Special day! May Allah Grant her Wealth,Good health Strength and Prosperity!
Happy Birthday, Alice Garvey!
Hope you're having a great birthday!
Happy Birthday Teresa!
Happy Birthday Teresa!
Happy Birthday, Carol!
I hope you have a very special day! 
Happy birthday Shawn!
Happy birthday Shawn,hope you have a great day mate! :drunken:
It's April 20th! That means it's once again time to wish a hap-hap-happy birthday to my best friend, LISA! Or, as some of us old school Prairians may remember her... Hope you have a GREAT day, Lisa! You make the prairie feel like
Happy BirthDay
BONNE FETE SANDRA :!: Passe une super belle journée ma belle je suis la premiere à y avoir pensé hein dis meilleurs voeux
Yu-Gi-Oh Live Action Movie: True Soul Part 1
You hear an alarm go off at 8 a.m. The alarm rings for a little bit, until you see a hand turn it off. You see 15 year old Yumi Mora sit up in her bed, and stretch her arms out toward the ceiling. Yumi in a half-awake voice: Stupid alarm Yumi gets
Happy Birthday, Alex!
It's May 10th in Australia, so it's the big one-six for Alex! Hope you have a great birthday, buddy!
Happy Birthday Carol!
Carol, it just hit me!! Sorry this is being posted so late in the day!! I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for making this forum such a wonderful place to be. You are awesome, dear friend!!
Happy Birthday Josh!!!
Happy Birthday Josh. Have a good one. CHEERS!
Happy Birthday, Misti!
I hope you're having a great day, Misti!  (I spelled your name right on the cake, but the dumb dog messed it up.   )
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