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"ouran live action haruhi no happy birthday daisakusen help"

Happy Birthday, Carol!
Hope you have a great birthday!
Happy birthday, Rob!
Happy birthday, Robbie! You're a very special part of what makes this board feel like a haven. It just wouldn't be the same without you. Opie & Thomas gathered some friends for a surprise for you. : And now. . . a scene of the freak
Happy birthday, Susie! ♥
Happy birthday, Susie!! We miss you here on the prairie! I hope we see you again soon - and I hope that your birthday is FABULOUS!
Happy Birthday, Alice Garvey!
Hope you're having a great birthday!
Happy Birthday to Amy
Happy Birthday, Amy. I hope you have a special day.
Happy Birthday Joanna!!!
A very happy birthday to our sweet Joanna who provides us with gorgeous pictures of our George and a wonderful insight to all things!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
Happy Birthday Captain Action.
Happy Birthday Captain Action, hope you enjoy your birthday Jason.
Happy Birthday Carol!
Carol, it just hit me!! Sorry this is being posted so late in the day!! I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for making this forum such a wonderful place to be. You are awesome, dear friend!!

Bon anniversaire, Sandrine
Happy Birthday Lorna
Lorna I wish you a great Birthday today and I hope you took the day off and celebrate yourself with cake and hairdresser etc           An somebody wants to sing a Birthday song for you:
Happy belated birthday Christina!
Sorry I forgot about this!! I thought about your bday on MY bday, lol, since we're only two days apart, but then forgot to post on your bday. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Christina!
Happy Birthday, Alex!
It's May 10th in Australia, so it's the big one-six for Alex! Hope you have a great birthday, buddy!
Happy BirthDay
BONNE FETE SANDRA :!: Passe une super belle journée ma belle je suis la premiere à y avoir pensé hein dis meilleurs voeux
Happy Birthday, Carol!
I hope you have a very special day! 
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