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"ouran live action haruhi no happy birthday daisakusen help"

Happy Birthday Teresa!
Happy Birthday Teresa!
Happy belated birthday Christina!
Sorry I forgot about this!! I thought about your bday on MY bday, lol, since we're only two days apart, but then forgot to post on your bday. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Christina!
Happy birthday Shawn!
Happy birthday Shawn,hope you have a great day mate! :drunken:
Happy Birthday, Alex!
It's May 10th in Australia, so it's the big one-six for Alex! Hope you have a great birthday, buddy!
Happy Birthday Carol!
Carol, it just hit me!! Sorry this is being posted so late in the day!! I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for making this forum such a wonderful place to be. You are awesome, dear friend!!
Happy Birthday Josh!!!
Happy Birthday Josh. Have a good one. CHEERS!
Happy Birthday
It's Successor's birthday today!!! Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to Successor.... Happy birthday to you
happy birthday eddie
Hi eddie. I was gooling to find you a present. I almost posted 'The Dangerous Book for Old Codgers....but it had tips for 'mobility scooters' so I'll post that in a few decades. So I googled Van Gogh's 'Old Shoes'. I was going to add: 'not getting
Happy Birthday James (Ourchickenshack)
James, I wish you a very happy birthday. Really good to have you hanging around here, my friend!! BTW: James told me he wants horor stuff for his BD. So guys do your best!
Happy Birthday Cheyenne!
Happy Birthday Cheyenne!
Happy birthday, Susie! ♥
Happy birthday, Susie!! We miss you here on the prairie! I hope we see you again soon - and I hope that your birthday is FABULOUS!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wishes thread
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Amigo! ENJOY YOUR DAY! Get out there & do something CRAZY!
It's April 20th! That means it's once again time to wish a hap-hap-happy birthday to my best friend, LISA! Or, as some of us old school Prairians may remember her... Hope you have a GREAT day, Lisa! You make the prairie feel like
Happy Birthday Lady Shizuka!
Happy Birthday Lady Shizuka ^^! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with lots of friends and presents ! And remember to eat some birthday cake !
Happy birthday, Rhonda!
I hope your birthday is filled with wonderful surprises and beautiful memories! This board wouldn't be the same without you - and I'm thankful to be able to call you my friend! I slaaaaaaaaaaaved away on this cake for you. Hope you like it!:
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