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"luxman l 85v integrated amplifier used sold"

Luxman L80V [used]-sold
Solid State legend in champagne color ,circa 1976 to 1980. Specifications : Inputs..............................................Aux1, Aux2, Phono1, Phono2, Tuner Power..............................................50 Watts per channel Mains
Luxman L-100 integrated amp (Used) SOLD
Luxman L 100 integrated amplifier Power output:100w per channel Year : 1976 Condition : 6.5/10 Price : SOLD Ccntact : loy 0163683523
Luxman SQ507x integrated amp (Used)
Hi Bro Just went for check and normal maintenance service 3month ago , working fine Asking $RM650 sms 9220 8000 Thanks for your time ( collect in JB) LUXMAN vintage audio SQ507X IS THE HIGHER POWER OF SQ505X WHICH IS 55WATT Luxman SQ 507X / S
Luxman L-100 integrated (Used)
In 1975, Lux Corporation/Luxman in Japan decided to seriously compete in the US Audio Market, and to do so, in its 50th year in business, it came out with the L100 solidstate Integrated Amp, as the Flagship in a line of top quality designed and built audi
Luxman Amplifier (Used)
Offer withdrawn. Tq.
Luxman R-1040 stereo receiver (sold)
Made In Japan Power: 40w + 40w @ 8ohms Low Impedance Drive: Yes, 4ohms, Speaker A/B Design: Dual-Gate MOS-FETS, dual rail power supply, Negative Feedback tone controls, linear phase ceramic & block filters, constant voltage supply Dimensions(cm): 48.5
Luxman tube integrated (used)
Luxman flagship and legendary tube integrated amplifier SQ38FD. This is original 100V and last edition of MKII version before they switch the product line to line stage and use cheaper components/EL34 tubes etc. A step down will be provided and letting
Luxman L&G R3800 stereo receiver (sold)
Made in Japan Condition: excellent SOLD Contact: Ooi 019 2677 208
Audia Intergrated Amplifier - Flight Two (Used) PROMOTION (SOLD)
The Audia Flight Two integrated amplifier is a combination of Audia Flight’s superb design of the preamp and power amplifier in one chassis. The Audia Flight Two offers all of the sonic benefits of the Audia Flight separates in one space saving cabinet
PrimaLuna proLogue Two integrated amplifier (Used)SOLD
PrimaLuna integrated amplifier c/w box Model : proLogue Two Phono : no Tube : 2 x 12AU7,2 x 12AX7,4 x KT88 Power output : 40 watt Condition : 8/10 Price : rm SOLD nego Contact : loy 0163683523
SOLD Audion Sterling SET Integrated Amplifier (Used)
SOLD Audion Sterling SET Integrated Amplifier (Used) Condition : Mint 8/10 Output: 8 w/ch Single Ended Triode 2 x Svetlana 6550C 1x 6DJ8 1x 5687 Made in the UK. Location: KL Quotes: "..The Audion has a single, central
Quad 77 Integrated Amplifier
Item: Quad 77 Integrated Amplifier  Condition: 7.5/10 Price: sold or swap with your equipments/cables Contact: 012-3816611 Raymond Some info: Class A/B output stage which generated about 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Won
Luxman LV-105 Amplifier
Hi everyone, Does anyone have any information regarding what the current market value of this amplifier ?
Car Audio goodies, dekit sale
Focal K2P UV a by audio creations, on Flickr Focal K2P UV b by audio creations, on Flickr Focal 165K2P upgraded version original set Made in France - rm1250 couple of mths old, like new complete with packaging, manual etc. Luxman cm2050 a by
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