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advice on Harman Kardon A 300 integrated amplifier
Hello All, This A300 has apparently been worked on and "modded" by three other technicians. Their work was of about average quality, however, one of them disconnected the phono preamp. Since the filaments of the 12AX7's in the phono preamp
Alchemist's Study
Painting job is finaly done :D,from now on all my decks will be stored here :3
New guy. First post. Bias question.
I'm 60 and recently decided to get together a decent tube stereo system (within my means) so I can begin to enjoy vinyl again. I have a large LP/45 collection left over from owning a record store 25 years ago. The power amp I went with was an RFTLYS
Dynakitparts/VTA Mark III Integrated Amp Build
As I stated in my one and only other post, my next project was to build an integrated stereo amplifier with phono stage included. I have modeled the project, snapshots shown below, aquired all hardware, except toroids, and have started machining the
Amp Trauma Pt.3: Hum Is Virtually Gone
An update on the problem with the Dynaco MKIV's, and the hum. [size=18]1)Changed the interconnects between the pre and power amps, which made a big difference. The old IC is a twin-ax cable that I installed the RCA connectors on, and I believe there
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
32 FREE Dynaco tube and solid state assembly manuals available for download - links inside
Do you have older Dynaco tube or solid state audio equipment and need assembly manuals for rebuilding or repairing ? If so, the following 32 Dynaco assembly manuals are available FREE OF CHARGE for downloading at the links below. All manuals are in pdf
A home brew amplifier
Not a true home brew, more of a radical modification. I found this guitar amp laying outside under a tarp. It turned out to be a Johnson Clarion built in Winnipeg, Canada, about 1960. The chassis was steel and covered with a blanket of rust. But it had
STA 35 Integrated
I think these are rare. I am lucky to have one. Does anyone know how to use a subwoofer with this? There is an extra single speaker output for "center speaker" Can I use this output without blowing anything up? Thanks, Davie
using a preamp with an integrated amp
I recently purchased an integrated amp it is a: YAQIN MC-10L EL34 Class A Integrated Tube Amplifier SV Specifications Input Power 110V-240V AVAILABLE Output Power 52W x 2 "8 ohm" Valve / Tubes 4 x EL34B Frequency 20Hz-60kHz "±1.5dB
Passive Preamp vs. Tube Preamp
Quite simply...what are the differences? What makes a tube preamp worth more and worth having more than a passive preamp?
Amplifier Brainstorm
I have been going over in my head a few days now on an amplifier design similar to the Dynaco 120w design posted on the forum several months back,and I was thinking since the EL34's are a much easier tube to drive than the KT88's,and less expensive
The Nobis Cantabile - An ST-70 type "hybrid" amp from the 1990's - photos ..
Some may have never heard of the Nobis Cantabile "hybrid" ST-70 type amp. This amp was produced for a short period of time by the Nobis Company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin in the early '90's. The main feature of the amp was a solid state driver circuit
Has George Sold His Villa
Europe by Eurail is the best way to travel PARADISO, Italy--I'm sitting in a comfortable seat, looking out at the foothills of the Italian Alps. High on the hilltops the houses are grand, and below them, small terraced vineyards offer the promise of a
Pingers and Hydrophones
The instructions for the very useful Loughborough unit can be found at: The hydrophone itself: The preamplifier: The instructions are
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