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advice on Harman Kardon A 300 integrated amplifier
Hello All, This A300 has apparently been worked on and "modded" by three other technicians. Their work was of about average quality, however, one of them disconnected the phono preamp. Since the filaments of the 12AX7's in the phono preamp
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
Tracy Morgan
Am I the only one who thinks people are going overboard with this Tracy Morgan hooplah? I mean, were the things he said outrageous and offensive to me personally? Yes. But is he the first comedian to say outrageous and offensive things, to be totally
seeking advice before I buy please
Hi, I am considering buying a HO, but dont really have any idea where to start or what I am looking at. I recently bought an excellent breadmaker by doing a lot of research fuirst and although it wwas very pricey, I have been won over by it. I was hopin
Has George Sold His Villa
Europe by Eurail is the best way to travel PARADISO, Italy--I'm sitting in a comfortable seat, looking out at the foothills of the Italian Alps. High on the hilltops the houses are grand, and below them, small terraced vineyards offer the promise of a
FS SOLD Tri-Logo Han Solo Corridor Weird Hoth Stormtrooper SOLD
These two figures are shipping Monday! Please advise and tell of your experience with me. I want to be up front and help. If anyone knows how I can improve, just let me know! Roger Thanks to you both! Hello! I am in the US and will be posting
EC levels .....
Hi All, i'm trying to treat my irritation-water these days. for this purpose i brought home "zelion" which supply a very good water without any salt at all, EC=1 micro simens/cm. now my question is about the levels of EC for my trees, ho
Alchemist's Study
Painting job is finaly done :D,from now on all my decks will be stored here :3
Restoring a pair of Mark IV mono blocks
Hi there forum. I just picked up a nice pair of Mark IV mono blocks. They are all original and have had no mods or repairs that I can see. They came with all the original Dynaco labeled tubes, original manuals, and they even had the original Dynaco boxes
New guy. First post. Bias question.
I'm 60 and recently decided to get together a decent tube stereo system (within my means) so I can begin to enjoy vinyl again. I have a large LP/45 collection left over from owning a record store 25 years ago. The power amp I went with was an RFTLYS
"Hide the Sickness," by Mercedes M. Yardley (Article)
In issue #2 we have a new section called Abominations. This is a nonfiction section, one which focuses on real-life horrors in a seemingly fictional way. There is nothing fictional about it, however, which makes it far scarier. Anyone wishing to add
ST70 VTA board slight hum. Preamp?
I just finished installing a VTA board into my st70, and it sounds great. However, I am getting more hum than I anticipated. I bought the low gain version I am using my thorens turntable, playstation, or ipod into a Marantz pm500 integrated and
SCA 35 and 4 ohm speakers
A question about the SCA35. I assume the SCA 35 does not have 4 ohm speaker taps because 4 ohm speakers were not common in the early 60's. Other than an impeadance miss-match is the output section strong enough to drive loads rated at 4 ohms?
Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland
I am so looking forward to this one! Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite. Delightfully creepy and whimsical. The Red Queen gave me fits. I can only imagine that Tim Burton will do a great job.
ST-70 Transformer Primary Impedance 4300 Vs 3400
Hi, what is the effect upon sound using the different primary impedance OTs? I wish to use 6L6, KT66, KT77 and EL34L tubes in the same amp, with around 420 - 440 plate voltage and proper bias. Load from these tubes in AB push pull, seems to range from
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