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The day the internet died. This would be a series threat to almost everyone on here. I think each of us should try to contribute in some way to keep the internet (and this forum) the way it is and prevent such a censored unsafe internet from
Go into shock? Have a fit? Get used to it?
novice seeks help
I have a friend who has had a ficus bonsai for I think two years now, and frankly he should be ashamed for knowing as little about bonsai as he does at this point. He has been reading, trying to figure it out. So I'm offering this on his behalf. I....
Author abandons WIP after it's copied all over the Internet
A friend or colleague of Stephenie Meyer allowed a copy of the next book in the "Twilight Series," Midnight Sun, to be distributed all over the Internet. Now, Meyer can't finish the book. For more info, see this morning's Writers Notebook
Best places to get supplies?
I need to get some cut paste, pots, and wire What is the best places to get these? I also am not sure what size wire to get? The trees I am working on are small to medium size. Nothing over .25". The trunks I have not started to wire
Oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis)
Hi, everybody! This is a hornbeam I collected in 2006 near Sochi after generations of sheep grazed on it. ) It was was very little I had to do on top of it.
The danger of "lurkers and "lurking"
Anyone with any experience with I'net forums surely must realize the "presence of "lurkers and what they might do. Lurking" may appear innocent enough but consider this: If a poster reveals too much about themselves, "lurkers" can amass a considerable
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