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The Man Trap - episode #6
THE MAN TRAP (1st season; episode #6) Directed by Marc Daniels / writer: George Clayton Johnson This was the very first episode of the original Star Trek series to air, though it was the 6th one filmed. Depending on who tells the tale, the execs
Mai-Otome Episode 23: Arika of the Mysterious Valley
Discussion thread for Mai Otome (My-Zhime) Episode 23: Arika of the Mysterious Valley
Natsuki directs Mai-HiME Episode 27?!
Natsuki directs Mai-HiME Episode 27?! I couldn't help myself...
(Spoilers/Discussions) Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Episode 04
So this is the discussion thread for the Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Episode 04 na kaka-labas/subs ngayong umaga. What can you say minna? My Comments: Spoiler:I really really really love this episode! Sa wakas at nakita narin natin ang totoong
Episode #25: Cardassians
CARDASSIANS (prod.#425; 5th of 2nd season) Directed by Cliff Bole written by Gene Wolande, John Wright and James Crocker The Cardassians are back! They take over the station and kill half the personnel! OK, not really - but that is an ominous title,
episode #28 - The Kidnappers
episode #28 / Air Date: 03.24.67 written by William Welch; Directed by Sobey Martin This had one of those unusual beginnings - the Time Tunnel complex is suddenly invaded by a lone alien (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea regular Del Monroe), dressed in
episode #01: Eleven Days to Zero
Pilot Episode, Written & Directed by Irwin Allen Trivia from the Bottom of the Sea: as recounted by Mark Slade, during filming of this pilot episode, President Kennedy was shot & killed.
episode #123 - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Air Date: 10/11/63    written by Richard Matheson     Directed by Richard Donner One of the most famous TZ episodes, in which William Shatner plays a passenger aboard an airliner during a stormy night flight. He soon sees what he determines to be a
Episode #33: Unnatural Selection
UNNATURAL SELECTION - episode #7 of 2nd season / Air Date: 1/30/89 written by John Mason, Mike Gray; Directed by Paul Lynch Remember the aging disease in the TOS episode, The Deadly Years? Here we go again. The Enterprise hears a distress signal from
Episode #15 - I Shot an Arrow into the Air
Air Date: 1/15/60    written by Rod Serling and Madelon Champion    Directed by Stuart Rosenberg _ There's a key story point here about the sun's position after 3 astronauts land on an asteroid, unsure of where they are. The point about the view of
episode #78 - To Catch the Eagle
episode #21 of 4th season / Air Date: 3/6/77 written by Judy Burns,Peter Brooke directed by Phil Bondelli Two OSI scientists looking for Uranium on Indian land get trapped in a cave by a cave-in - only it was caused by dynamite; someone sabotaged
This Side of Paradise - episode #25
THIS SIDE OF PARADISE (1st season; episode #25) Directed by Ralph Senensky / writers: D.C. Fontana, Jerry Sohl An episode sometimes overlooked, maybe because it lacks a splashy villain or some huge outer space threat. But, the threat is there -
episode #04 - The Prince of Wails
Air Date: 4/5/95 written by Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin Directed by Félix Enríquez Alcalá This one begins in a flooded San Francisco - actually, most of this Earth is probably flooded, judging by the water depth of several hundred feet and
Episode #153: Descent, part two
DESCENT, part two / episode #1 of 7th season / Air Date: 9/20/93 written by René Echevarria; Directed by Alexander Singer This continues from the cliffhanger ending of the first part of DESCENT, where-in we learned that this aberrant faction of the
episode #17 - Don't Open Till Doomsday
Air Date: 1/20/64 writer: Joseph Stefano Director: Gerd Oswald Now this was a weird and spooky one: the first sequence takes place in 1929, though we don't really know that, unless we spot the old style auto parked in front. There's a wedding
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