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Broadstone pottery ,Poole Dorset
can anyone tell me if they know of a potter by the name Stone (possibly initial B) who has worked for the Poole factory? i've been looking at a figure which is has an incised mark of that name and Poole.  Can't find anything, either for Poole Pottery, CSA
H J Wood (England)
This looks and feels like Hornsea pottery but unfortunatly the mark on the base just reads Made in England along with 1046 impressed, measure's 7.5" high. If Hornsea, my next question is, Is It designed by John Clappison?
Hi from Northwest England
Just saying Hi. Was looking for a new microwave and found the halogen instead. Got the lift up lid version of Andrew James. Looking for more hints and tips to get on better with it. Hoping to pick your brains for more recipes and ideas. Looking forward to
Anyone know anyone interested in 2002 WRX rolling chassis?
Slim chance i know, but I just picked this up with a good motor and bad trans. I will be keeping the trans and measuring out the motor for a future project, then the motor and complete car are available.
Bulford Pottery England
Just thought I'd post this vase as I've not heard of the maker 'Bulford' before - can't google much up except the town name - this is a cold painted vase in great condition. I would guess 60s in date from the shape and design, the fowers are a matte gold
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