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Preamp question
I am planning to use my Sansui 9090 receivers preamp with my rebuilt ST70 on her first effort to make a little music.I'm concerned I am overlooking an issue that might arise from such a combo.I'm a total rookie and and I'm pretty pleased I haven't
Preamp kit questions
Hi folks, It looks like I'm about to acquire 1 Eico HF-85 preamp from a friend for free. I'm considering gutting it and using the chassis, but was wondering if anyone could tell me if the new PH-12 and SP-12 could all fit in this chassis together? I
[WTB] Preamp with Remote Control
Dear all, I am looking for a Preamp (prefer with Remote control), I am more to vocal, fast acoustic & jazz..... budget from RM XXX or not more than 2k++ if you have one, please PM me.... tq,
Luxman CL-350 Control preamp
For sale a mint working Luxman CL350 Preamp. Asking $1150nett. ~SOLD~!!
Saving hours on phono preamp tubes?
OK, another noob question. I have the SP-8 preamp and phono and line stage are on the same board. That means the phono tubes are "on" when not in use. Is there an advantage to powering down the filaments on the phono tubes (expensive 12AX7s) when
using a preamp with an integrated amp
I recently purchased an integrated amp it is a: YAQIN MC-10L EL34 Class A Integrated Tube Amplifier SV Specifications Input Power 110V-240V AVAILABLE Output Power 52W x 2 "8 ohm" Valve / Tubes 4 x EL34B Frequency 20Hz-60kHz "±1.5dB
VTA Low-Gain Preamp Tube Suggestions...
Now that my ST-120 has broken in nicely (with Gold Lion KT88s) wondering what you are using for tube #1 with the VTA low-gain board? My brief experience is that I have heard quite distinct differences when rolling tubes. Initially I used a NOS GE 12BH7
Craigtone's System
Here is my ST-70 system ... Sources: Rega P2 w/DL-103, NAD C521BEE w/OPA627 op-amps & output cap bypass Preamps: Rotel Phono w/LM4562 op-amps & output cap bypass, Bottlehead FPIII w/upgraded caps & RCA Clear-tops Amp: Dynaco ST-70
SP10 problem =(
Hi all! I just finished building Roy's SP10 preamp and there is practically no gain. The line stage tubes (I tried both 12AU7s and 12BH7s) don't light at all and I can barely here the music, even with the potentiometer cranked to 11. Has anyone else
Passive Preamp
passive preamp from Brentwood hifi in excellent condition. 24 steps attenuator. wired witj QED cables single input and output RM320.00 Lim 012-4558088
notice on SP14 preamp
our chassis supplier for our preamps has had some sort of disaster and will not be able to ship any products until April 2013. This will primarily affect anyone who wants a complete SP14 preamp, as I have a few spare chassis and transformers for all othe
Carver C-3 preamp (Sold)
[img][/img]The Carver Pre-Amplifier (Model: C-3) Made in USA still in 100% working condition. The physical rating 8.5/10 condition. .
Passive Preamp
Passive preamp with 24 step attenuator in excellent condition, very lightly used. single input and output -RCA RM320.00 Lim 012-4558088
NAD Preamp Monitor Series 1000 (sold)
Condition : 8/10 keep in aircon room Price : Rm $450 Location : PJ
preamp/amp impedance interface
It seems that a minimum 1:10 ratio of preamp output impedance to amp input impedance is desirable. The Dynaco ST-35 has a whopping 500,000 ohms input impedance and I'm using a phono stage (with a volume pot) that has 450 ohms @ 1kHz output impedance.
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