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Passive Preamp vs. Tube Preamp
Quite simply...what are the differences? What makes a tube preamp worth more and worth having more than a passive preamp?
Preamp kit questions
Hi folks, It looks like I'm about to acquire 1 Eico HF-85 preamp from a friend for free. I'm considering gutting it and using the chassis, but was wondering if anyone could tell me if the new PH-12 and SP-12 could all fit in this chassis together? I
SP-8 preamp questions
I am considering purchasing the SP-8 preamp kit but have a couple of questions. The resistors that come with the kit...are they metal or carbon film. I noticed that the upgrade resistor package says that it contains TAKMAN resistors but does not say if
VTA SP9 preamp with tone controls
I just finished building this preamp for a customer, the SP9 preamp with tone controls, and added PH12 phono circuit. This came out fairly nice. The circuit is also available as a plug-in replacement for the PAS3 PC5 line amp. I've had this circuit for
SP9 Preamp Impressions
Hello All, I have been listening to my Vacuum Tube Audio SP9 preamp with PH6 phono stage now for a week or two or so and wanted to share my impressions of it. Short story is: I have rediscovered the magic of vinyl! Here is the system I have put
VTA Low-Gain Preamp Tube Suggestions...
Now that my ST-120 has broken in nicely (with Gold Lion KT88s) wondering what you are using for tube #1 with the VTA low-gain board? My brief experience is that I have heard quite distinct differences when rolling tubes. Initially I used a NOS GE 12BH7
PAS3 preamp upgrades & modifications
Tubes4HiFi announces that as of now (April 2015) ALL Tubes4HiFi preamp upgrades and modifications will be fulfilled by Tube Nirvana (Tube Nirvana changed name to Erhart-Audio as of June 2017)   Tube Nirvana will now be the seller of  Dynaco PAS3
VTA SP14 preamp - part 2 ( does your jaw drop to the floor? or do you wet your pants?? )
there may be two reactions to this post, great interest, or not. If not, you may excuse yourself now and stop reading. For the rest of you, please excuse me for just a few moments of self-indulgence as I describe my latest listening experience on my 2n
Need Help with a preamp for dynaco st 70
I just bought a dynaco st 70 kit this is my first tube amp i need a good preamp with volume control to run my new dynaco amp right now i have a turntable hooked up to hagerman bugal preamp then to a chip amp out to my half chang fostex207e speakers here
An evening of preamp listening
Last night I had some local audio friends over to the house and we got a chance to listen to a number of tube preamps. VTA SP10 built by Troy VTA SP13 built by Troy Bottlehead BeePee 300B built from kit Fisher 400-CX2 with all original parts,
SP13 preamp
I'm interested in the SP13 preamp as a replacement for my existing vintage Threshold SL-10. Tried to learn more about it but do not get any hits when I search this forum. Seems like the SP14 is the new popular preamp. Any reason why the SP13 has not gaine
Craigtone's System
Here is my ST-70 system ... Sources: Rega P2 w/DL-103, NAD C521BEE w/OPA627 op-amps & output cap bypass Preamps: Rotel Phono w/LM4562 op-amps & output cap bypass, Bottlehead FPIII w/upgraded caps & RCA Clear-tops Amp: Dynaco ST-70
Building a Phono preamp
Without much in the way of specs available I am trying to decide what phono preamp to build. I have had a Trancendent Sound GG and phono a few years back and what I have been able to surmise from searching posts that the phono stages here exhibit more of
preamp/amp impedance interface
It seems that a minimum 1:10 ratio of preamp output impedance to amp input impedance is desirable. The Dynaco ST-35 has a whopping 500,000 ohms input impedance and I'm using a phono stage (with a volume pot) that has 450 ohms @ 1kHz output impedance.
SP10 problem =(
Hi all! I just finished building Roy's SP10 preamp and there is practically no gain. The line stage tubes (I tried both 12AU7s and 12BH7s) don't light at all and I can barely here the music, even with the potentiometer cranked to 11. Has anyone else
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