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Need a duel on dueling network
So, anyone up for it?
Deck on Dueling Network
The Deck in this image is for the Traditional Format; of course I'll take that one banned card and Dedication through Light Darkness out for when I'm playing in the Advanced Format. But I need to take at least one Spell or Trap Card right now to balance
Dueling Network issue?!?
Guys I've been playing dueling network and it's extremely enjoyable... My current record is Win: 37 Loss: 22 .... Not a total bad score?!? anyways the problem is that I only lost in 6 duels ... and for the rest,,, when I'm about to end the duel and win..
Naturia Rate/Fix?
My Naturia Deck on Dueling Network. Please rate/fix and let me know how it is. 22 Monsters Naturia Bamboo Shoot x3 Naturia Cliff x3 Naturia Cherry x3 Naturia Cosmobeet x2 Naturia Pumpkin x3 Cactus Bouncer x1 Lonefire Blossom x2 Dandylion
dinosaur deck
super conductor tyranno ultimate tyranno black tyranno tyranno infinity water dragon dark driceratops sabersaurus oxygeddon kabazauls hydrogeddon 3x hyper hammerhead 2x gilasaurus 2x mad sword beast black stego black
Admins on Dueling Network Be Like
While you are dueling... When you advertise in a duel note...
Hi. I'm new here.
Hello i'm Kabro03 , i love dueling and my dream is to become the best duelist on Dueling Network. My rating is 100/0 at Single and 510/ 16 at Match. I only lost once and won 15 times. I'm really happy that i'm in and thx to everybody. : )
50 things yugioh players say when they lose on dueling network.
1. I had a panic attack during the middle of the duel. 2. I trolled too hard and got banned by an admin 3. He negated my mirror force 4. My opponent AFK raged on me when there were no admins on 5. It was FTK exodia 6. I put a card directly from
Dear Duel Academy! Recently, DuelingNetwork, our default dueling platform, got attacked by malicious third-party attacks (it got DDoS'd, for those who want to know), causing the servers to temporarily go down, thus leaving us without access to
Gfx Duels Rules
GFX Duels DA has many talented gfxers who loves to showcase their work. But it's time to reward these gfxers with the opportunity to battle against each other using their art as duel Disks. Two members make their own Gfx to compete against each other
The deck master suggestions
The Deck Master: In this event, each Duelist will receive a card they would otherwise use in the Duel, This is then known as the Duelist's Deck Master. These Deck Masters are not classed as being on the field and stay banished until the player decides
The Egyptian god cards Deck
made this deck and thought alot of the cards i know some are gonna say 3 of each is overkill but it's actually not i strangely get god cards in my opening hand i get 1 then troughtout the duel i get more but by then my reasorses are gonna be ready
Plantzektors : V3.4 [III.IV] Perfected?
Soz I was making a deck on Dueling Network for next format (Plants ofc.) I was looking at my deck when I noticed a downfall of Dark monsters. Three games in a row I drew Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning and thrice did I not have enough dark
Academy Noob.
Hey I took the dueling exam yesterday and I didn't even know it was a real test xD long story short, I'm new to here and the Ra yellow dorm. I have never been in a academy before. So I do not know what dueling points are and what I can use them for and
dueling network "connection" screen
hey all i hope u r fine when i log in to dn I receive a message saying "Connecting..." which obviously means it is trying to connect me to Dueling Network, but then the server will just freeze on me just like that i tried every thing in dn fourm but
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