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Dueling Network Double EXP
There's an Event on dueling network that's going to start tomorrow. All rated duels will give double EXP, so this means +4 for losses and +2 for wins. Take advantage of this time and earn some new cardbacks xD
Dueling Network
Hey, I'm new here but I'll duel anybody on dueling network. Name: nate dogg29
Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Things That Tryhards Do/Say On Dueling Network!
#1: They Hand-Shuffle like there's no tomorrow. #2 They send the cards they use straight to the grave without legitimately activating them. #3 They play the top notch cookie cutter deck. #4 They don't say "glhf" because they think they're s
I hardly lose with this deck on the Duel Network
Monsters: Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning Chaos Sorcerer Cyber Dragon D.D. Warrior Lady x3 Belial-Marquis of Darkness Gorz the Emissary of Darkness Honest Jinzo Marshmallon Night Assailant Reflect Bounder Atomic
Dueling network doesn't work
hi, i'm trying to connect to dueling network but it always gets stuck in the "connecting" page i use mozilla fire fox as browser and i have 2mb/s dsl internet connection can u please help me fix this problem ?
salty losers on Dueling network
so today was just another day dueling untill i come up against a oponent who would refuse to admit i really won't care but i wanted to have a little fun and make fun of this salty loser after seeing him it just makes me happy for some reason but that is
Dueling Network Gets Five Cool Updates!
Dueling Network Gets Five Cool Updates! Benefits for all! Today DuelingNetwork is receiving a series of updates. There’s plenty planned but the ones that have been implemented range in quality and effectiveness. Some you may not care about, some are
Lightsworns Deck for Dueling Network
Hello, im new here and just wanted advice on a lightsworn deck i have. I only playe on DN so any cards that are on there I can use. Heres the deck the monster on the third row is called sephylon the ultimate time
New Cards and Archetypes to be released on Dueling Network soon
Now that the new banlist is out, those with Devpro may notice a new deck added to their profile called New Cards. This deck has all the new cards that are on Devpro now and will be added to Dueling Network later on. Now then. I've decided to make this lis
How do i get my wins from dueling network to here?
It's me again and I need help on dueling network. Can someone help me try to find a way to get my wining dp on here from dueling network also my losing dp here aswell. please and thank. p.s. who ever said that my picture is sick what do you exactly mean??
Deck on Dueling Network
The Deck in this image is for the Traditional Format; of course I'll take that one banned card and Dedication through Light Darkness out for when I'm playing in the Advanced Format. But I need to take at least one Spell or Trap Card right now to balance
Dueling Network updates 2014
for all those too lazy to check on updates and for all those to lazy to click that link 1. Changes to First Turn Procedure: As the Main Phase 2 cannot be
Need a duel on dueling network
So, anyone up for it?
Dueling Network issue?!?
Guys I've been playing dueling network and it's extremely enjoyable... My current record is Win: 37 Loss: 22 .... Not a total bad score?!? anyways the problem is that I only lost in 6 duels ... and for the rest,,, when I'm about to end the duel and win..
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