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Prototype 125 watt monoblock tube amplifier KIT
Since business slows down during the summer I will be experimenting with a prototype monoblock tube amplifier which should be capable of 125+ watts. I don't want to give the details of the circuit right now because the circuit is still in the development
Bob Carver's new 900 watt monoblock amps - photos and link
Bob Carver's 900 watt monoblock amps on Ebay Bob Carver has really outdone himself on this one. 900 watt tube monoblock amps using 20 Tung-Sol KT120 output tubes per monoblock. These amps are outrageous! Photos below and link to his Ebay web site where
Denon AVC A11SR Amplifier
DENON AVC-A11SR THX Dolby Digital & DTS ES Amplifier This is a very powerful & heavy AV Receiver, one of the very flagship model back few years, new was RM20k++ Original Remote Included as well. Brand : [b]Denon[/b] Model : AVC-A11Sr
ST120 with IEC Inlet Question
I have been very happy with my ST120 using the stock power cable but I'm wondering about modifying it, by adding an IEC inlet, to accept different power cords. I know there isn't room within the chassis to add an IEC inlet, however, would this approach
The Truth about the M125 Mono Blocks from a novice
So, let me start by giving you a quote I gave Bob in my first email: "I have little confidence these amps will actually work" Why? I am a complete novice and have not built anything electrical of this nature. My first M125 build was tough for me
Quad 77 Pre Amplifier and Quad 77 Power Amplifier c/w Remote Panel (Used)
Item: For sale is my Quad 77 Pre Amplifier and Quad 77 Power Amplifier c/w Remote Panel, Photocopied Manuals and Power Cords. This is the later carbon black model and has the quad link connection and standard RCA jack connection. Condition: 8.5/10
ST-70 Power Transformer Buzz
A few months after re-doing the power supply on my ST-70 using the Triode Electronics upgrade tranny, it has developed a loud mechanical buzz from the transformer. I have tried re-tightening the mounting bolts, sandwiching strips of sorbothane between the
AdcoM Gfa-555ii power amplifier
200 watts per channel into 8ohm Made in USA Pls WhatsApp 01129641000 Price rm2500 
Power of amplifier and speaker rating
All, I may be auditioning and of course writing a review for a 550 WPC power amp in April. The idea is to see how much would bi amping impact on the SQ of M6i integrated amp and ProAc D18. The question is, if you were given such power amp at 550 WPC
Looking for Denon AVP-A1 remote control
I'm Looking for any remote can be use for Denon AVP-A1 processor. Original remote Denon RC-844 faulty (cannot repair). Pls PM if there's any available out there. Appreciate much. thanx Wan Kerteh Terengganu (013 9273347)
WTS SEALED: Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D32
Hello I am selling Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D320RD It is BRAND NEW and it is SEALED!!! Only 3 Sets Available!!! Selling Price: $140 (50% OFF!!!) Retail Price: $279 Official Website Review: Urban Raver™ -
noise in power amp
what is the most likely cause of crackling, popping noise in a tube amp for the first minute or two after start-up. This noise is audible but by no means loud and stops after a couple of minutes. Thanks
PS Audio HCA-2 Power Amplifier。 ( Used.)
PS Audio HCA-2 Power Amplifier。 ( Used.) 150watts x 2。Made in USA。 Condition : 8/10。 Price : Sold。 Please Call or SMS Ean 019-5710383 for Nego。 Review,
Denon DCD-500AE CD player (Used)
Denon DCD-500AE CD Player (Silver) Condition : 9/10 (comes with box, carton, manual, remote and 11 months warranty) Selling at : RM900 "New" condition as it was a gift. Call/Sms : 013 3030 999
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