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Prototype 125 watt monoblock tube amplifier KIT
Since business slows down during the summer I will be experimenting with a prototype monoblock tube amplifier which should be capable of 125+ watts. I don't want to give the details of the circuit right now because the circuit is still in the development
The Truth about the M125 Mono Blocks from a novice
So, let me start by giving you a quote I gave Bob in my first email: "I have little confidence these amps will actually work" Why? I am a complete novice and have not built anything electrical of this nature. My first M125 build was tough for me
Bob Carver's new 900 watt monoblock amps - photos and link
Bob Carver's 900 watt monoblock amps on Ebay Bob Carver has really outdone himself on this one. 900 watt tube monoblock amps using 20 Tung-Sol KT120 output tubes per monoblock. These amps are outrageous! Photos below and link to his Ebay web site where
WTS SEALED: Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D32
Hello I am selling Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D320RD It is BRAND NEW and it is SEALED!!! Only 3 Sets Available!!! Selling Price: $140 (50% OFF!!!) Retail Price: $279 Official Website Review: Urban Raver™ -
ST120 with IEC Inlet Question
I have been very happy with my ST120 using the stock power cable but I'm wondering about modifying it, by adding an IEC inlet, to accept different power cords. I know there isn't room within the chassis to add an IEC inlet, however, would this approach
noise in power amp
what is the most likely cause of crackling, popping noise in a tube amp for the first minute or two after start-up. This noise is audible but by no means loud and stops after a couple of minutes. Thanks
ST-70 Power Transformer Buzz
A few months after re-doing the power supply on my ST-70 using the Triode Electronics upgrade tranny, it has developed a loud mechanical buzz from the transformer. I have tried re-tightening the mounting bolts, sandwiching strips of sorbothane between the
ST-70 / Mark III power transformer heat (AGAIN)
Good day all I have lately been giving my Mark IIIs a break by running my ST-70 again. I have noticed that my ST-70 power transformer runs hotter than those in my Mark III amps - not much, but noticeably so. The ST-70 is on a top shelf same as was my
ST 70 Power Tube Shootout
After much debate and curiosity, my tube amp amigo, Dan and I decided spend an afternoon rolling power tubes though my ST70 to make a modest attempt to subjectively determine what the differences, if any, may be between a pretty diverse blend of modern
110v or 220v power output.
Hi to all I am about to change the power transformers from both VTA ST 70 and st35. I live in Greece where we have 220v power and i wonder what is the best solution, a 110 v with a step down transformer that i have and it is of a very good quality
Bridged ST-70 or ST-120 Amps?
Is it possible to run the Bob Latino ST-70 or ST-120 amps in a bridged mode? Has anyone done this? Any general comments? Thanks.
4 x KT88 Guitar Amp using M-125 Iron Set, now with pic of driver circuit
I would like to thank Bob for allowing me to buy a set of transformers that are used in the M-125 Monoblock I am planning on using them to build a high power (up to 200W) guitar/bass amp with 4 x KT88 or possibly 4 x KT120 amp. The complete
adding sub to:pas 3 pre amp' and st70 power amp system
hi i am new here and wanted help to add a jbl 18" sub driven by an adcom bridged to 600 watts mono. this will allow me to pick up the lower octive that my LaScalla arent able to because the horn lenth is not as long as needed to go that low i would like t
Stereo Pair Monoblock Tube Amplifiers Amps Carver KT88
Being an old Carver guy and now selling Sunfire i found this interesting. It starts about hav
Too much gain......??
Hey....I am new to tubes so bear with me. I am running an SS pre into one of Bob's ST-70's with EL-34's. My speakers are JBL 4311's which are pretty agressive. Although I like what I am hearing.....The music sounds very alive but at times the sound
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