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WTS SEALED: Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D32
Hello I am selling Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D320RD It is BRAND NEW and it is SEALED!!! Only 3 Sets Available!!! Selling Price: $140 (50% OFF!!!) Retail Price: $279 Official Website Review: Urban Raver™ -
Phonola Record Player!
Hi! I have a Phonola record player model 162. I turned it on yesterday for the 1st time in about 3 years and it worked! Only problem is the music is very low so I'm thinking I need a new speaker?! But I have no clue where to get one or how to change it.
Dynaco Tube CD Player
Hello All, I've run across an opportunity to buy a working Dynaco Tube CD Player to add to my ST-70, PAS 2 and FM1.  But, I don't know anything about them and they seem pretty rare and not much information available.  Does anyone have any thoughts on
cd player
ok i want a cd player but i want a stock one. what year ones will work. also are there other chevy cd players that will work.
How do you make a RCA 45 player work in stereo mode?
How do you make a 45 player (without an amp) Work in stereo?
WTB Radio w/ CD Player Compatble for 95 Caprice
WTB Radio w/ CD Player Compatble for 95 Caprice. Figured I'd throw it out there.
RCA Suitcase Player spins too fast
This unit, is spinning about 10% too fast on 33 & 45. Any ideas on how i can rectify this?
Most Serious Yugioh Players.
Here ya go,hope you enjoy it and I just found this video on Youtube and decided to share it with you guys lol. :
Funny School Record Player Story
When I was going to Catholic grade school in the early 70's or about 5th-6th grade, film strips were used at least once a week for various subjects.You know the kind for us that can remember a strip of film and a vinyl LP record for the audio,and a beep
Bad Hum in RCA Record Player.. PROBLEM FIXED
I have an RCA 45rpm 8EY4 Deluxe record player that I totally recapped about a month ago, and I've been playing it often. Yesterday, I turned it on and it has a terrible hum...even with the volume control turned all the way down. I suspected a bad tube
REFERENCES Quote :DATABASE: Units & Monster Database - Click Here WIKIPEDIA Unofficial Fantasica Wiki Quote :This guide is 100% free player based. I am completely devoted on playing this game for free. I will be posting all my
Bradford Record Player issues
Ok, the auto mechanism is incredibly stiff on this particular unit and I'm wondering how do i even get into the unit to lube/clean the mechanism? Picture here...
Music Player Survey
I want to know your thoughts for the playlist that I made for Christmas (if you don't know where it is on the top of the screen.) Anyways, it would help me lots if you gave your opinion about the player and please tell me which song you enjoyed
Zenith Cobra record player
A friend of mine brought over an old Zenith radio/ record player for me "to take a look at."  I looked at it.  It has a Radionic cartridge.  Nothing worked.  The radio made noise from the speaker, but that was it.  No output from the cartridge.
Windows 7/8 RGSS player has stopped working fix
I have found a fix for the "RGSS player has stopped working" message that prevents start up of the game. Win7 that I know of... you'll need to go into data execution prevention and put the Uranium.exe on that list. If you do not know how to get there, go
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