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WTS SEALED: Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D32
Hello I am selling Denon Urban Raver/On-ear Headphones (Red) AH-D320RD It is BRAND NEW and it is SEALED!!! Only 3 Sets Available!!! Selling Price: $140 (50% OFF!!!) Retail Price: $279 Official Website Review: Urban Raver™ -
Phonola Record Player!
Hi! I have a Phonola record player model 162. I turned it on yesterday for the 1st time in about 3 years and it worked! Only problem is the music is very low so I'm thinking I need a new speaker?! But I have no clue where to get one or how to change it.
cd player
ok i want a cd player but i want a stock one. what year ones will work. also are there other chevy cd players that will work.
Dynaco Tube CD Player
Hello All, I've run across an opportunity to buy a working Dynaco Tube CD Player to add to my ST-70, PAS 2 and FM1.  But, I don't know anything about them and they seem pretty rare and not much information available.  Does anyone have any thoughts on
How do you make a RCA 45 player work in stereo mode?
How do you make a 45 player (without an amp) Work in stereo?
RCA portable stereo record player
Left channel is super weak, should a recap fix this? Is there anything else that could be wrong with it?
WTB Radio w/ CD Player Compatble for 95 Caprice
WTB Radio w/ CD Player Compatble for 95 Caprice. Figured I'd throw it out there.
RCA Suitcase Player spins too fast
This unit, is spinning about 10% too fast on 33 & 45. Any ideas on how i can rectify this?
8 track tape player
I was around for the 8 track era but never seen one the these. It holds 12 tapes. Posted for Jacob, I know he collects
Funny School Record Player Story
When I was going to Catholic grade school in the early 70's or about 5th-6th grade, film strips were used at least once a week for various subjects.You know the kind for us that can remember a strip of film and a vinyl LP record for the audio,and a beep
Bad Hum in RCA Record Player.. PROBLEM FIXED
I have an RCA 45rpm 8EY4 Deluxe record player that I totally recapped about a month ago, and I've been playing it often. Yesterday, I turned it on and it has a terrible hum...even with the volume control turned all the way down. I suspected a bad tube
Bradford Record Player issues
Ok, the auto mechanism is incredibly stiff on this particular unit and I'm wondering how do i even get into the unit to lube/clean the mechanism? Picture here...
REFERENCES Quote :DATABASE: Units & Monster Database - Click Here WIKIPEDIA Unofficial Fantasica Wiki Quote :This guide is 100% free player based. I am completely devoted on playing this game for free. I will be posting all my
Majestic Radio Record Player
I bought a buch of old radios and this was in the mix. I've looked all over the cabinet and can not find a model number. It looks like an AM radio with a record player and tape recorder. does anyone know anything about this model and maybe value. I haven'
Windows 7/8 RGSS player has stopped working fix
I have found a fix for the "RGSS player has stopped working" message that prevents start up of the game. Win7 that I know of... you'll need to go into data execution prevention and put the Uranium.exe on that list. If you do not know how to get there, go
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