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Tiled coffee table- maker?
I'm sure I'm just being stupid but I've seen this base design before and can't remember who made it? Any ideas gratefully appreciated....
Mocha and Ivory - Box Opening
First of all - I'm sorry I kept this secret so long! I found it easier to not say anything as that way it stayed kind of like "a dream" and didn't feel real - so the wait was not so bad. I finally cracked and told a Popovy friend privately last week
Image Coffee Can for the Gallery
These were first released in 1963 the last photo shows an impressed 2 E near the edge.
Stimulating Cherry Shrimp to breed...
Ok every one, I have just recently got into cherry shrimp as an added food source for some of my meat eating cat fish. As I wanna get a culture or breeding programme going for them what would you say were best ways of triggering male and female to do
A little carving on a choke cherry
Here are a before and after of the initial carving on a choke cherry. Love to hear your thoughts before After
CLAFOUTIS: Cherry Clafoutis
It is that time of year when the supermarkets are packed out with cherries and drop their prices to move them on before they rot, in other words, the right time to make Clafoutis. Normally I don't bother with measurements, just make the same sort of batte
Barbados Cherry
I have had this tree for 3 years now and I want to thicken the trunk, but I do not know what will happen to all the roots that will be above ground . Is there something I can do to keep the root system the way it is? Any help would be greatly appreciated
Cmielow coffee set
Spotted this coffee set for sale for £25. Seems expensive for this black/white decoration, especially since the jug on the right doesn't match. Or is it a bargain? (Sorry about the quality of the photos).
Crochet Coffee Cosy - pdf
Crochet Coffee Cosy - pdf
Pink sugar basin and coffee pot Modello Venice
Again I couldn't find the lid shape for this basin. Could it be part of the modello range? It came together with some pink 3078 modello cups and pink d 16181 saucers. The cups are white inside and the basin is pink inside and out. The pink cream jug
Last Wave Teapot & Coffee Pot with different decals
Look what my neighbour found OP shopping!!!    ...Last Wave... the patterns are slighly different..I havn't noticed this before with Last Wave. This is an unmarked Teapot.. Coffee Pot marked 1206? & Made in New Zealand.   
Tibetan Cherry (Prunus Serrula Tibetica)
I've just been watching tonights show from the Chelsea Flower Show, and one of the gardens had the most beautifully barked tree I've ever seen. Check out that metallic copper sheen! I've priced them up on the net and I can get 3 10cm dia trees for
3 coffee bowls - strange potters mark is Anneke van Laanen
3 lovely big coffee bowls in cobalt blue have this stamp below the handle, although one has it up the other way all have a variation of this mark on the base Does anyone know this potter please?
barbados cherry
barbados cherry
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