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The Not so Amazing Spider....garbage
So, I thought I would be upfront with my view. I hate, HATE, the new Spider-Man movie. Keep in mind, I liked the 3 Raimi did (yes, even the 3rd was still good in my opinion, way better than this one). I read all the comics when I was a kid. The old
Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon
New details from sdcc on usm upcoming show:
Goblin on gigantic spider (painted by our own Admin Tom)
hey there! i don't know really if I should post it here, but Tom's painted a AWESOME spider for me, and I just wanted to show you guys. enjoy [EDIT]: Matt, I linked one of the pics from your site to this post. Thought it would be nice. --Admi
Amazing Spider-Man news thread
Hey guys thought we make a general news/rumors thread for the spidey film. also somewhere we can discuss set photos/press and all that once it starts rolling out. To start it off i found this
Spider mites and Neem...
Hello its been a while since I last posted but I have been a tad distracted but let me press on. I bought an interesting Japanese or it could be Chinese Maple this spring from wally woo any way, It was interesting and cheap being the operative word here.
Red spider mite?
Spotted this little critter on my Oak today before squishing. Is this a positive ID of the dreaded Red spider mite or something less dreaded? It measured approximately 2mm in length. The reason I ask is because I understood Red spider mite were hard to se
Spider Mites on Junipers
We had a club workshop on Tuesday evening where member brought a tree to be worked by Visiting Master Rodney Clemons. Three of four Junipers brought in had Spider Mites. I have looked at the UofF web sites and found a long list of chemicals that are
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
2" Clayton Steam Lorry For Sale. Unusual design not standard run of mill version. (Now SOLD)
Available for sale from a current customer is his 2” Clayton which was built in approximately 1999 by an accomplished model engineer from Romford. The lorry is approximately 43” long, 13 ½” wide and 17” tall. The builder changed the design from the
Eggs on Blackthorn
Inspecting one of my Prunus spinosa - Sloe or Blackthorn, I found lots of clusters of these red eggs on hte undersides of the branches. They are almost double life size here. I've never seen any like them before. A friend suggested spider eggs but all
[MCD]Number 37 Spider Shark
Number 37: Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark 2 Level 4 monsters Cannot be destroyed by battle except with "Number" monsters. During either player's turn: You can detach 1Xyz Material from this card; all monsters your opponent currently controls lose
Spider deck??
anyone think this would be a good deck, i have it on dn, but do you think it will be a good deck for tournys?
Oh why do I ... [version 2, go!]
Continuing from the last thread here. Oh why do I keep glancing at the legs whenever I watch Korean girl bands' music videos? >>;;;
The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
the old trailer, which may explain some of its success - all part of the good marketing - "There has never been a film like this before." The trailer shows what seems like an exciting monster pic, with pretty good scenes, or suggestion of such. Oh,
Avenging Spider-man
From bleedingcool a new ongoing monthly spider-man book. Looks like it will be a new spidey teamup book. here is the article link:
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