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Crosley Showbox Speaker....
hello, Can someone tell me how to hook up the Crosley Dynacone speaker to the Crosley 608 gembox? Thanks Robert
Interesting discussion on speaker cable snake-oil
These guys are always entertaining, but here is a very common-sense discussion about what matters and doesn't matter (along some useful charts) on how to choose among speaker
Very good and relatively inexpensive speaker cables - photo
There is a guy on Ebay, "Cablebuyer", that I found out was selling speaker cables made with the Canare 4S11 "star quad" wire at a very good price. In the past I bought some of the Canare 4S11 by the foot and used my own connectors to make up some speaker
6 ohm speaker on 4,8 ohm ST35.
A couple of years ago I built a Dynaco ST35 out of various parts. I think that it is the sweetest sounding amp that I own. I had been using it with a pair of old Technics SB6oooA 6 ohm speakers. I think that I was using the 8 ohm tap. The ST35 also has a
The first ZL1 Camaro is sold for $250k
World Designs speaker KIT based on the Dynaco A-25 "aperiodic" speaker - link
World Designs in the UK now has a speaker kit based on the original Dynaco A-25 "aperiodic" speaker. Check it out at the link below .. World Designs A-25 speaker kit Bob
A question about VTA/ST-120 and speaker wires
I'm wanting to try making a set of DIY speaker cables using CAT5 cable. The site where I got the instructions from mentions that the finished cables are fairly high capacitance and could cause some "unstable" amps to "oscillate". The question becomes:
high voltage on speaker terminals of Mk4?...
Hi i'm a newcomer to this forum and already i have a problem:) Below is a copy of the email I sent to Roy yesterday. After a very quick reply, I tried what he suggested, but no cigar. Anybody got any ideas? I noticed from reading a few posts that the qua
Speaker imedance taps
I just realized my speakers are rated for 4 ohm and can dip to 1. martin logan SL3. ya i know but they sound amazing. i am pretty sure my vintage mk3's are set on the 8 ohm tap. so what does that mean, if you have a different speaker impedance on the wron
Atwater Kent Model F2 Speaker
I had a nice surprise recently in a little antique shop, when I spotted a 1929 Kiel Table with an Atwater Kent model 55FC radio inside. Table was in better than average shape and the radio was complete - appears to be un-molested. I was able to negotiat
Madisound is now making a Dynaco A-25 speaker clone KIT
Madisound is now making a clone of the original Dynaco A-25 speaker in KIT form called the Madisound "A-26" See more at the link below ... The Dynaco A-25 is said to be the most widely sold speaker of all time ... Madisound A-26 clone kit of the
speaker cleaning
Not really electrical problem more of a make it shinny kinda thing. Cleaning the metal parts of the speaker assembly and there is a gooy grease like substance.Is this some sort of factory coating.As the part numbers painted on the metal seem to be on top
Speaker re-cone and repair
Hello All. Can anyone recommend a good source to have speakers re-coned? i have a couple 5" and another oval . One has the small wires that connect to the cone pulled out. The other needs a whole cone. Thanks
Speaker patching
Hi, guys. I am presently working on an earlier RCA Victor 45 player with a lid. It's bakelite, three octal tubes, and, portable. Anyhoo, earlier today I was noticing a growing rattling problem in speaker, and, the panic sign went up. I got it apart, and
Speaker cone replacement option
I have Philco 38-10T with a badly busted speaker cone. This is a type S7 speaker. Anyone know where I can get a cone or better yet a good option for making the cone. The inside 1 1/2" from the center is solid but from there out to the edge is
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