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Atlas Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable 2.5m - (Sold)
Atlas Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable 2.5m (Used) 1. 5 months old 2. Condition-8.5 3. Connection Plug - To speaker : Spade, From Source : Banana Plug 4. Spade and banana plug are from Atlas Cable. 4. Price RM300 only 5. Location KL/PJ 6. 5 stars review
Kef T-Series Satelite Speaker (Sold)
If you prefer more frontal ‘slam’ for movie special effects and a system that generally plays louder, the T205 system substitutes a pair of the larger T301 speakers for the front satellite and centre channel speakers. Slim speakers, serious
Van Damme UP-LCOFC Speaker Cable 2.5meter (Used) SOLD
Van Damme Speaker Cable. For those that cant take the snake oil and fancy something more proper than a Zip cord. Fancy name copper: Bare Ultra Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper(I guess it is 99.99% pure copper) Rating: 8/10 (bought last year from
kef reference 101/3 bookshelf black ash(SOLD) rm1000 price reduced
For Sale is  a matched pair of the highly rated kef 101/3 reference bookshelf speaker in black ash. MADE IN THE UK. They are a matched pair serial number serial 2055 A/B. 1 owner. 8/10 condition rm1000 sms Matthew @0162217315 Specification:
Martin Logan Electrostatic-Hybrid Cinema Center Speaker (Sold)
Brand: Martin Logan Model: Electrostatic-Hybrid Cinema Center Speaker Specifications: Two 5 1/4" Mid-Bass Cone One 22" x 11" Electros-static Panel One 1" Dome Tweeter MFR - 50Hz - 22kHz Magnetic Shielded Condition : 6/10 Price: Sold
Crosley Showbox Speaker....
hello, Can someone tell me how to hook up the Crosley Dynacone speaker to the Crosley 608 gembox? Thanks Robert
Wharfedale Diamond 8.4 speaker (USED) SOLD
Item(s): Wharfedale diamond 8.4 (black ash) Price: grab.. (Limited time offered at Sept only) Dealing method: prefer COD or SARAWAKIAN only offer COD at Kuching or Miri as well - Deposit RM100 is needed to avoid people FFK. Full payment
Very good and relatively inexpensive speaker cables - photo
There is a guy on Ebay, "Cablebuyer", that I found out was selling speaker cables made with the Canare 4S11 "star quad" wire at a very good price. In the past I bought some of the Canare 4S11 by the foot and used my own connectors to make up some speaker
Supra Rondo 4*2.5 Speaker Cable (Sold)
4 x 2.5 sq. mm Tin-plated OFC. Application examples: Bi-wiring/bi-amping high power systems or longer lengths in low/medium power systems. For biwiring Rondo 4x2.5T, follow this scheme, known as "star-quad", to ensure the best sound and to minimise
World Designs speaker KIT based on the Dynaco A-25 "aperiodic" speaker - link
World Designs in the UK now has a speaker kit based on the original Dynaco A-25 "aperiodic" speaker. Check it out at the link below .. World Designs A-25 speaker kit Bob
A question about VTA/ST-120 and speaker wires
I'm wanting to try making a set of DIY speaker cables using CAT5 cable. The site where I got the instructions from mentions that the finished cables are fairly high capacitance and could cause some "unstable" amps to "oscillate". The question becomes:
high voltage on speaker terminals of Mk4?...
Hi i'm a newcomer to this forum and already i have a problem:) Below is a copy of the email I sent to Roy yesterday. After a very quick reply, I tried what he suggested, but no cigar. Anybody got any ideas? I noticed from reading a few posts that the qua
Speaker imedance taps
I just realized my speakers are rated for 4 ohm and can dip to 1. martin logan SL3. ya i know but they sound amazing. i am pretty sure my vintage mk3's are set on the 8 ohm tap. so what does that mean, if you have a different speaker impedance on the wron
Atwater Kent Model F2 Speaker
I had a nice surprise recently in a little antique shop, when I spotted a 1929 Kiel Table with an Atwater Kent model 55FC radio inside. Table was in better than average shape and the radio was complete - appears to be un-molested. I was able to negotiat
speaker cleaning
Not really electrical problem more of a make it shinny kinda thing. Cleaning the metal parts of the speaker assembly and there is a gooy grease like substance.Is this some sort of factory coating.As the part numbers painted on the metal seem to be on top
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