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Mark Goody and Emily Siddell Exhibition Death by Brickworks
This is being held inside the old Gardner/Parker Ambrico kiln at the Crown Lynn Museum site - 25th May to 25th August 2017 How creative is that as all of the work has been salt glazed. The old kiln now has the Gallery name of 'Chamber'. I love
26 April: George Clooney in London
We finally get a new sighting of George Clooney in London for Omega.  Here he is with Buzz Aldrin.  More pics and a lovely video are HERE. You're on the home page of Clooney's Open House, a George Clooney fan site, for all the latest George Clooney
George and Amal Clooney Plan on Raising Their Twins in London HERE'S WHERE GEORGE AND AMAL CLOONEY HOPE TO RAISE THEIR TWINS Their romance has taken them all over the world. But once George Clooney and Ama
George and Amal at special screening of The Promise in London This is a film about the Armenian Genocide and stars Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale
Amal Clooney eating out with mum in London
Amal eating out with mom:
British 24th Foot at Rorke's Drift Uniform at Cotswold!
I'm always keeping my eye out for you guys, and I've heard that Zulu is a particular favorite. Set comes with a figure. Cotswold has also redone their website, so look
British Royal Military Police
These are my British Royal Military Police guys. All but one are kitbashes. My first ever BRMP kitbash on the left, a mixture of 40th and vintage Palitoy kit. I 'bashed this guy back in 2009 and to this day it remains one of my favourite kitbashes. Her
British Tommy on the Shelf
Just had an email from Toys R Us telling me the 50th Tommy is on the shelf in Gloucester store. Might pop out in a bit
PHOTOS 2: Schleich @ London Toy Fair - 26th January 2017 (Action, Fairytale and Dinosaurs)
This is the second posting with photos taken at the toy fair showing you other Schleich releases excluding farm and wildlife. The first set of photos of wildlife and farm can be accessed
PHOTOS 1: Schleich @ London Toy Fair - 26th January 2017 (Farm & Wildlife)
Hi guys So I made it to the Schleich stand at the toy fair which is always in the same position at the show.  Schleich is obviously a big player and have lots of money and so can secure a large prime spot.   I remember when I first starting visiting the
PHOTOS: London Toy Fair January 2017 (Schleich, Papo, Breyer, Battat & more)
HI guys I visited the toy fair back on 26th  January and managed to take photos of Papo, Schleich and some minor brands.  Each posting is in its correct location and I enclose links for you below.  I have yet to add Papo and Schleich as I have too many
PHOTOS Part 2: New Yuan Zhi Toys Co Ltd Animal Models @ London Toy Fair - 26th January 2017
A new manufacturer was at the toy fair who had a simple wall display of all the different types, styles and sizes of wildlife models on offer.  I didnt speak to anyone but they had a huge banner with information about the company. I think rather than
PHOTOS: Terra Battat Models @ London Toy Fair - 26 January 2017
Whilst visiting the London Toy Fair I was surprised to come across a UK distributor named Halilit who has an entire display devoted to Terra Battat models. The models can be bought from Halilit direct on their shop
PHOTOS: Breyer @ London Toy Fair - 26th January 2017
Hi everyone So I visited the London Toy fair on 26th January (my usual annual pilgrimage) on behalf of you all and managed to take photos from various brands. Here I attach photos from a distributor responsible for Breyer in the UK.  You can see
British Subs - nice Vickers Brochure
We've just put up a very nice brochure all about British subs a 68 page article on Vickers Submarines in the UK covering the years 1884 to 1984. This has been written by Keith Appleford and kindly provided by Luton and District
London Model Engineering Exhibition
Anyone visiting,or showing this year? I am going down on Saturday. Steve H
9 January: George and Amal in London
George and Amal are in London! More HERE. You're on the home page of Clooney's Open House, a George Clooney fan site, for all the latest George Clooney news.  On the forum we've got George Clooney pictures, George Clooney videos, George Clooney
George and Amal Clooney in London 9.1.17 Amal Clooney just shook my hand so I am NEVER washing it again. George was there too.— Erin Niimi Longhurst (@ErinNiimi) January 9, 2017
1964 RCA Victor CTC15 color console
It's been awhile since anyone posted in the TV section so i thought i would start posting a few from my collection. Today's post is a 1965 RCA CTC15 color roundie. Here are a few pictures of the set playing. I've done some cap work on the power supply. Th
Hugo Boss Man of Today and British GQ Facebook Live Chat - London November 2016
HELP - I am the proud owner of a tubes4hifi PAS preamp and have a puzzling problem
. The other evening while listening to music, the output just disappeared. After I took off the cover and plugging it in, all the tubes were lit. To make sure it wasn't the tubes, I swapped them out with known goods, I reinstalled in the rack. Still
Coromandel Christmas Exhibition 18th Dec 2016 to 7th Jan 2017
If you plan to be in Coromandel during these dates check out this Exhibition that will be held at the Hauraki House Gallery.  There are heaps of wonderful potters taking part.
Richard Batterham exhibition CAA 2016
Visited this exhibition today of over 230 pots with many from his own reference collection. It continues at Contemporary Applied Arts in Southwark Street, London SE1 not far from Tate Modern until Bonfire Night. Below are couple he made while a
Country / Art Pottery ewer inscribed XY
I know that it's a bit battered but it's just such a good old piece of country or art pottery. 9" tall, uneven powdery blue glaze (black in places) with streaky yellow interior (plus a pool of really thick glaze inside), over terracotta clay. Inscribed
New Video Essay Explores The Layered Brilliance Of ‘Michael Clayton’ the video:
whats your favorite color
whats your favorite color
(Looking for Artist) Immoral Memory Trio (can compensate)
Hey there! I'm Cata and I'm looking for an artist(s) to help me with a my 'Immoral Memory, Lost Memory' trio!  You can view the singer's thread here: poke me Ultimately I'm hoping to get 3 waist up for each of us and an extra half body as a group. If yo
retrieve the color of my Black Widow¿?
Hello everyone. I have a query, the spring boot removed paint my engine, you can make some procedure to recover its original color ??. I have some photos, thanks!
Mean Streets of Mordheim Episode 3
Hey there guys. I've been toying with a lot of different battle report ideas, and have ended up creating something of a cringey silly monster that I kind of love. Please check it out as I put an embarrassing amount of time into editing it all together.
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