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Takama's Bullyland: Medium Museum Collection.
You read that right, these are the medium sized figurines that are part of the Bullyland Museum line of figurines. Since the line is Fresh, i thoght i start buying them.   Starting with this green fellow. I was going to get the
gas station give-aways of years past
Anybody remember these "Forgecraft" steak-knives? Either "Shell" or "Mobil" (I can't remember which) gave you one with a fill-up.. This one has been in the bottom of my tool-box(es) for over 30 years.. and for several years prior to that; in my
Tell me about this K&B 40 please
This is being offered at a local auction site, it is said to be from the '60s, in good condition, very little if at all used. Obviously missing some parts. Starting at 25€. I know next to nothing about K&B's. I surfed to the Mecoa site but the K&B
What is this painting in the film The Omen?
Hi, I was watching the 1976 film The Omen and noticed this intriguing painting on the wall.   I thought it might be a Picasso, but couldn't find a match on google.  Can anyone identify this?  Thanks!
Artist and Mixed media rules
Hello my wonderful artists! And welcome to our Artists and Mixed media forum. To keep harmony and creativity around this place, I would like first to remind you the Galaxy cauldron forum rules,  after reading that I would like to present the official
A dry record-cleaning brush that actually works
There's a goat-hair record-cleaning brush with the improbable name of "Okki Nokki" for $40, see: that actually works. I purchased mine back in October. It's
Walkaround - Nature Technicolour Clear Rivers in Japan No. 04 Yamame/Seema/Cherry (Masu) Trout (Oncorhynchus masou masou) and No. 05 Amago/Red-spotted Masu Trout (Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae)
This time I am putting the fourth (Yamame) and fifth (Amago) models of the set together, purely because they are sculpted identically. The difference is obviously the paint job and this way we can compare between the two in one go. On the left with the re
1/48 Revell Mercury-Gemini space capsules
I am going to start the Mercury space craft. I may only do the Mercury capsule for now and sometime later do the Gemini one. I actually shouldn't with so many "irons in the fire" but this is another of my favorite subjects.---John
Has Enya Stop Selling Engines?
After someone posted in Stunt Hangar their observations, I went to the Enya Metal Products website, Products are still shown on their catalog pages. Then I clicked on Shopping. Surely enough, the only categories
Raptor Rules
All members and staff must follow these rules or there will be consequences. 1)Do not make unnecessary posts. 2)Do not make posts with less then 5 words (i.e lol, wtf, this is funny, what?) or the post will be deleted. 3)Do not revive topics dead for
Painting - Batty?
Seems to be signed 1987 Batty. May be Continental - has an Italian or Spanish feel to it (bull fighting?), and the letters in the date look Continental. I left it mainly because the animal - horse? bear? bull? - didn't look right, but wondering if I shoul
Nail polish for paint??
Howdy model building gods. Now I know you can use it but how?? Do you use the brush supplied and paint it as fast as you can so it doesnt cure before you painted it all, mix with acetone or something and thin it for airbrush use, or grab the biggest
Cox J3 Cub
Howdy, I found a J3 cub in my local hobby shops attic and it's missing a rudder. It was never flown but I think it was the display airplane from the window. This is it, anyone have a copy of how the rudder should look? Like perhaps scan it and I can
New Amour thread on Serebii - READ RULES
Since discussing closed old thread on Serebii didn't end up very well. I think we could discuss for a change tips and talk about future way of handling new thread. To make this thread a better place and avoid chaos in our own thread. RULES 1. All
I can’t believe it’s been 40 years…
I was in the dining room a little while ago, wrapping presents, and I was thinking that I had to wrap my son’s stuff first before he got home from work.  Suddenly, I remembered Christmas Eve of 1974.  I had woken up around 10 or 11 PM and went out to the
Critique my House Rules
Going to play with many first time players and have looked online for some opinions on House Rules. This is what I like, please critique: Frenzy: Does not double your attacks, it adds +1 Attack. Additionally Mad Cap Mushrooms now cost 50%
Achille from Harriet arrived! Now he's PAINTED :D (pictures page 2)
Today I received a package from England, from our Harriet. Inside this package I found beautiful model of horse, magnificent and amazing Achille!!! As many of you know he's Percheron stallion model in scale around 1:30 (like Stablemates in Breyer) And he
75 years ago today - 1 Sept. 1939
Palitoy German Armoured Car Wehrmacht invades Poland!
fire rules in mordheim
My group has run the fire rules for a couple years now and its really hard to balance especially in multiplayer games. What is the opinion of the fire rules and do the various groups on here use them? If you use them have you had many issues with it being
'71 Plymouth Cuda Sells for $3.5M
Painting Cox Foam Wings
I have foam wings (as supplied with the Chipmunk and Me-109 Super Stunter) and parts to build a couple of the Fw-190A "Butcher Birds" from Cox plans. Question: Can the foam wings be painted? Thanks in advance for sharing your
porsche 911 GT2 (tamiya - 1:24)
Since this year Porsche is celebrating 50 years of the 911, I added another model to my 911 Porsche collection. The model is the 911 GT2 which is based on the 911 Turbo. Its engine is a twin-turbocharged engine and is lighter than the Turbo
Future Flat Top, Raintree
I picked up this Brazilian Raintree a little less than a year ago at our state Bonsai Convention, from another vendor, as part of a trade for my artwork. It was around 5 feet tall, stuck in the corner, propped up against the wall, cause it kept wanting
Clivvers Barracks Salutes 50 Years Of G.I.JOE...
Some of my Joes, i wanted to cram more in    Part 1.
Sailor Uranus's Super Awesome Space Museum
Floor Content: 1 Bumpers! 2 Signatures 3 Sprites 4  Stamps  5  Gifts   Early RP Events        Featured and Completed RP Storylines Completed RP Challenges 2015 2016 2017  Hardcore Events  Casual /
ID MCM Painting
Anyone recognize this painting or can make out the artist's signature? I bought it a few months back because it is so lively and makes me happy every time I pass by it, but the story person in me would love to know more. Measures about 24" high by 37"
Our House Rules
Hey guys. It's been awhile since I popped in. We're about to start a new campaign in March. We've got six people as a core group, and maybe up to ten that might play occasionally. We have a mix of people who have been playing since Mordheim came out and
New Years fly in with Cox TD-1
Today in Philly we had a very nice get together. To my surprise some of the old heads made it out into the cold. It was cold not windy but cold. We've had less people show on nice weather days. My fellow club member Dan Banjock flew his TD-1 today. After
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