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A new wood kiln for the Quarry
I have been relatively quiet on the forum for the last month as most my time has been spent at the Quarry Arts Centre helping build the new kiln. The old bricks here come from "Julie Ann", the kiln Barry Brickell built for Yvonne Rust decades
Left for Nigel, concrete pots --------- how to. easy peasy. Laters. Khaimraj
Bark Splitting on a Japanese Cherry???
I recently bought a smallish kojo-no-mai cherry, and it has what seems like a wound on it, where the bark is splitting. It seems old, so the tree isn't in danger, but I was more worried about it from an aesthetic point of view. A bit of googling has taugh
The best albums of Progressive music in 2017 (so far)
For the fans of instrumental Symphonic rock: Los misterios de Eleusis by [b]Nau Aletheia[/b] Favourite track: Fotofobia
Japanese Style Pottery Chawan -Yunomi Tea Cup - Studio Pottery Tea Bowl
Very nice Japanese style pottery Chawan - Yunomi Tea Cup. Decorated in nice rustic brown design glazes. No signed potters or pottery marks. Maybe Richard Dewar or possibly of Japanese origin. Anyone recognize or know the style and potter.
Nice Italian handpainted plant pot - unknown makers mark.
Really nice 5.5"  Italian pot.  I have looked on old and sold but cant place the backstamp - any ideas?
PVSG Exhibit: Legacy of Japanese Suiseki in North America
Viewing Stones Exhibit: Legacy of Japanese Suiseki in North America March 5 – May 7, 2017 at the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, Washington DC USA National Bonsai & Penjing Museum wrote:Viewing stones, known as suiseki, have been revered in
[PHOTOS] Japanese rally cars from the 90s, Tamiya-style
Hey everyone, finally managed to get photos shot of 3 cars I built in the last year. TA03F-S Toyota Corolla WRC Found this kit unbuilt in Tampines, via Carousell, in 2015. Price
[VJUMP] D/D/D King High Exec Ghengis
D/D/D Flame High King Executive Genghis Level 8 FIRE Fiend-Type Fusion Effect Monster 2800/2400 Fusion Materials: 1 Level 5 or higher "D/D" monster + 1 "D/D" monster If another "D/D" monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned to your field,
JPOG Jungle Mod
JPOG Jungle Mod A simple mod from my freetime made of edits to several tree models, with many having extra ferns and smaller trees next to them aswell as size changes making certain trees larger. It makes the modern tree foliage much more dense. There is
Italian Vase with unknown makers marks
Hi, I'm sure this is Italian but I can't read the mark and wondered if anyone recognises it and maybe can put a date to it. Thanks.
My Japanese Bashes take on my Australian and American Jungle Fighters in CQB
Here's my latest Japanese Cotswold Joe with an unknown figure I picked up from a charity shop in my versions of WW2 Japanese Army kitbashes they are engaging in Close Quarter Battle with my Australian and American Jungle fighters
Japanese Zen inspired bonsai exhibit
Hi IBC. It's been awhile. Just sharing my recent exhibit at a local garden show. tree species are Tamarind, Maba, Ficus, and Podocarpus. regards, jun
Thought this was a cool background for....
I thought this was a cool background for a Adventure Team photo.... What you think
Marine Jungle Fighter Kitbash V1
The GI Joe Marine Jungle Fighter set is one of the most sought after and pricey uniform sets in the GI Joe line. Likely due to a short production run of just 2 years, and a uniquely colored set of fatigues (which tend to bleed color, never wash
Air layer Japanese Maple
I air layered this Japanese maple last summer. I grew this tree when it was the size of a pencil. The trunk had no tapper and there was a large bulge/protuberance about 2/3 up the trunk. After about three months, the tree was ready to be
Flame Throwing Knight
Inspired by the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" This is my hand made armored flame throwing black knight....A work in progress....I have to do something with his hands and make his flame thrower
Japanese Maple, to layer or not to layer?
This is my Acer Palmatum (Beni shichihenge). I know this would probably be an unusual variety to choose for bonsai as it has variegated leaves but I already owned the tree before I got into bonsai. I used to grow it in a large pot as a patio tree. To b
The Egyptian God Anubis
tell me what yall think.
Japanese Studio pottery mark
Hi, Can anyone help me ID this mark please. Thanks.
Japanese white pine #3 progression
Hi I wanted to post some work I did on my 3rd JWP a bit over a month ago as it's been a long time since I posted anything. Hope you enjoy.
Tre-effe pewter plate with girl, bird and flower - Italian?
This is another piece I've just bought because I love the quality of the image in the centre. I know it's by Tre-effe and I think the factory might be Italian but I don't know anything else. Whenever I google the name I see floral plates by the same
I'm thinking of adding a few Max Steel villains to my collection and I'm thinking are they the right size.
I'm thinking of adding a few Max Steel villains to my collection like metal elementor Is he the right size for MAM to battle? Extroyer
Koto-Hime Dwarf Japanese Maple
Here is a real challenge, trying to establish an Identity and Classic look, maybe Formal Upright ??? This Koto-Hime is 8 1/2 years old, I have been Shaping, Wiring, Pruning for almost 4 years and still not sure where it is going ??? It's in Fall color an
Ceramic Pendant Lampshade - German, Austrian, Dutch or maybe Italian
Hi I thought this would be an easy ID but... seems I was wrong
Japanese Kadsura
Hi all, Anyone have any experience with a Japanese Kadsura? I recently acquired one that's got great potential, but that's horribly overgrown. I need to reduce the branching and foliage by about 75% before it will look like anything, and I also need to
Could you tell me anything about my Italian pottery
Hi, thank you for this forum..... I have a small collection of Italian pottery, that I just love but I would be very interested to know about it? Please can you help. Many thanks Jan
Japanese Vase Help with Kanji
Picked up this nicely glazed hares fur vase the other day, but i'm struggling with the impressed mark. There are 3 Kanji, I think the centre one represents 'child'. The last one is too deep to make out. The vase appears to have some age as the glaze is
(Looking for Artist) Immoral Memory Trio (can compensate)
Hey there! I'm Cata and I'm looking for an artist(s) to help me with a my 'Immoral Memory, Lost Memory' trio!  You can view the singer's thread here: poke me Ultimately I'm hoping to get 3 waist up for each of us and an extra half body as a group. If yo
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