SBS Qubool Hai Segt 13Dec13 "Zoya-Haider Masti ki Takkar"

--sumana13-- at 12h42
SBS Qubool Hai Segt 13Dec13 "Zoya-Haider Masti ki Takkar"

Written Update ....

The BG song was .."Tada meda ladkhadata huva ladkaa ...."

Zoya and Haider were having discussions and mast over the plaster casts and bandages over his fake wounds ...they collide, they laugh , they have nok jhok .. In the his room/store room

Another BG song plays .."Bachna aye Haseeno lo main aa gaya ..."
VO says Haider must have been Zoya's bro in his previous birth ...they share all stupid ideas [......]
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